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  With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and energy saving and the increasingly stringent emission regulations of governments in various countries, improving the performance of electronic control fuel injection system of automotive engine has become a major means in the field of automotive research. Under this background, the company has introduced, digested and absorbed the solutions of electronic fuel injection system of Bosch (Bosch) and Siemens (Siemens), the main suppliers of global automotive electronic control system, and finally developed the latest generation of STF series gasoline engine injector products through years of intensive research. The series injector has the following excellent qualities:
  Better dynamic response characteristics: after opening the command, the fuel will be injected quickly within 0.0015 seconds.
  More accurate oil mist injection quantity: the error does not exceed 3% of the rated flow Q.
  A more stable and uniform atomization rate: 50% of the particle soot average (SMD) is not greater than 90um.
  Longer effective life: after 600 * 106 working jets, the performance can still exceed 96%.
  Tests and practices show that the engine using STF series injectors meets the development trend of automobiles with lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and higher power performance, and can meet the GB/T 25362 and the latest EU automobile exhaust emission standards, making your car more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and power-intensive. We solemnly promise that STF series injectors have been scientifically developed, heat treated at 1000 C, ultra-precision machining and 100% factory inspection to ensure that each product is worth more.
  For children, please choose environmentally friendly, energy-saving, durable products!


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