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  Putian zhonghan machinery power co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of plunger coupling parts. Distribution of the main products are VE pump pump pump pump head allocated (VE), nozzle (nozzle), plunger (plunger), delivery valve (the valve). As an early into the pump nozzle industry professional, we are tracking the international around other manufacturers of diesel fuel injection system of production technology, and constantly absorbing the international advanced processing and testing work. Quality and appearance of the products with similar foreign products. 1. Our company is specialized in the production of diesel fuel injection system, has 28 years of production history, in the face of accession to the wto brings opportunities and challenges, we constantly adjust their own pace, And the introduction of advanced production technology and high precision equipment, quality has reached the industry's advanced level. 2. The main products are VE pump and related accessories (such as: pump head, oil pump, CAM disc, transmission shaft, solenoid valve, etc.), plunger (models A, AD, P, PS7100, PS8500, etc.), nozzle (models DN, DNP, S, SN, PN, etc.), oil outlet valve, carter nozzle, pump head


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