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Faraday Future: Hanford factory's production equipment installation preparations are fully accelerated

Publish Date: 2021.10.06

On September 30, Faraday Future (foreign name: Faraday Future, abbreviation: FF, stock code: FFIE) released a video focusing on the production equipment and testing tailored by Gonzalez Group Manufacturing for the FF California Hanford factory Prepare the details. This also represents an important milestone in the mass production and manufacturing process of FF 91.


  On July 22 this year, FF was listed on the Nasdaq in the United States through the SPAC model, raising sufficient funds for the mass production and delivery of FF's ultra-luxury flagship model FF 91.


   On the day of listing, FF opened up over 22%. According to the disclosed information, FF was listed with US$1 billion in financing, including US$230 million held by backdoor companies and US$775 million from basic investors.


   After the transaction is completed, the shareholding structure of the listed company is changed to the original FF shareholders holding 51.1%, basic investors holding 23%, original creditors holding 17.2%, and original shell company PSAC shareholders holding 6.8%.


   FF global CEO Bi Fukang said at the pre-market meeting that the first batch of FF 91 is expected to be delivered within 12 months.


   It is reported that all the resources for the construction and production of the Hanford plant have been put in place. In order to achieve the above delivery goals, FF is making every effort to promote the construction and equipment installation preparation process of the Hanford plant.


  Official information shows that the FF 91 "Futurist League Edition", which is limited to 300 units worldwide, has been sold out on the morning of July 25, and the priority booking amount is 50,000 yuan. Another source pointed out that the current price of FF 91 is 280,000 US dollars in the United States and about 2.8 million yuan in China.


  Faraday Future is a global Internet smart travel eco-enterprise, headquartered in Silicon Valley and Southern California. It was founded by Jia Yueting in 2014 and aims to provide global users with new energy, smart, interconnected and shared products and services.


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