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The new economy top 500 has launched a new force, and the four dragons "Wei Xiaoli Wei" is getting better

Publish Date: 2022.07.30

On July 23, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association released the list of "2021 China's top 500 new economy enterprises". In terms of the classification of the automotive industry, a total of 8 auto companies were selected, of which the new forces of car making accounted for four, namely Weilai automobile, ideal automobile, Xiaopeng automobile and Weima automobile; It is worth mentioning that there are also four traditional car companies, namely BYD, SAIC, GAC and BAIC bluevale.

With the theme of "new subject of scientific and technological innovation", and in accordance with the evaluation criteria for new economy enterprises in China (t/ceeas 001-2021), this evaluation activity selected the city / valuation as the main index of the evaluation of the top 500 new economy enterprises, and revised the city / valuation with 7 categories and 10 sub indicators of enterprise size, profitability, growth speed, innovation drive, employment drive, social impact, internationalization level as the correction index, Finally, China's top 500 new economy enterprises will emerge. It is worth noting that in 2021, the change rate of the new economy top 500 list compared with the previous year reached 34.2%, and more than one third of enterprises failed to win the second list. And "Wei Xiaoli Wei" can re-enter the list, indicating that the four new forces are truly host plants with hard core technology strength.

新经济500强出炉 新势力四小龙“蔚小理威”渐入佳境

The pain of "elephant turning" of traditional car enterprises in the era of electrification

It is not difficult to find out from the list of fine products that today's new forces of car making have been able to share the benefits with traditional car companies, which also shows the importance of new forces of car making in today's auto market. What magic weapon does the new force of car making rely on to make it "equal" with the traditional big factories in just a few years. To understand this problem, we need to start from the early stage of the development of new forces.

The difference between new forces' car making and traditional car enterprises lies in the different thinking of car making. Looking at the new forces of car building, many of them are Internet enterprises transforming and using Internet thinking for car building. As a result, more modern innovative thinking meets people's needs. Compared with traditional car companies with conservative thinking, new forces have fewer constraints on practice and innovation, higher execution and boldness.

At the same time, the configuration of new energy vehicles made by new forces is generally ahead of schedule, because they better understand the current consumer demand. In addition, the marketing methods of most new forces are also more innovative. For example, Weilai has built 4S stores into libraries and cafes, where customers can make friends and share; Xiaopeng automobile's "pengyou club" owner association, etc., go deep into the lifestyle of young people and resonate with young groups from the perspective of value.

新经济500强出炉 新势力四小龙“蔚小理威”渐入佳境

The advantage of traditional large factories lies in their mature upstream and downstream supply chain, and the technology accumulated for many years to ensure the product quality and reliability is absolutely beyond doubt. More importantly, traditional car companies have strong funds, and will not stagnate in enterprise development and research and development due to capital problems. However, in contrast, the advantages of new forces of car making in the field of new energy are more obvious.

Smart electric is the highlight, and keeping up with the service is the key

In addition to the car making thinking and marketing mode highlights of the new forces, consumers' trust and affirmation of the new forces of car making lies in the "market value". The new forces of car making represented by Weilai, Xiaopeng and ideal, relying on new energy vehicles and relying on their first mover advantage in automotive intelligence, their market value is constantly catching up with traditional car enterprises. Weima automobile also submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in early June this year.

新经济500强出炉 新势力四小龙“蔚小理威”渐入佳境

Compared with traditional car companies, the new forces of car manufacturing with soaring market value also have their own core technology - intelligent driving. Nolai's NOP, Xiaopeng's NGP, ideal ad Max and Weima's NLP are all technical products that have been brewing for many years, and most traditional car companies have obvious differences in software level, so they are slightly slow in intelligent driving.

Of course, the new power can't compete with traditional big manufacturers only by virtue of its advantages in intelligent driving. The new power also knows this. In order to minimize the gap between the two, the new power of car making aims at the charging facilities and equipment that consumers attach most importance to electric vehicles, so as to achieve a more comprehensive car service and improve the user experience.

新经济500强出炉 新势力四小龙“蔚小理威”渐入佳境

At present, Weilai has completed 1011 power exchange stations, 1681 charging stations and 10million power exchange services. After that, it will lay out a more intensive high-speed power exchange network, the third generation power exchange station, 500kW fast charging and 800V battery platform. Weima automobile has launched the "private pile sharing" service, which can not only alleviate the problem of difficult charging for users, but also promote orderly charging and improve the efficiency of the power grid.

What traditional car companies do better in energy replenishment is the gac-e'an brand of GAC group in this list. According to the news, gac-e'an has launched the construction of the world's first overcharge capital in April this year. It is expected that gac-e'an will build 2000 super charging and replacement centers in 300 cities across the country in 2025 to achieve full coverage.

You know, in the era of traditional fuel vehicles, traditional forces will not spend money to build gas stations, and "refueling convenience" has never been the credit of traditional forces. Obviously, the new forces have paid a huge price to supplement the energy field, which reflects the new forces' spare no effort in user experience, and their user thinking is ahead of the traditional forces.

The new forces of "double carbon drive" and traditional car companies still need to start from the details

From the perspective of the overall environment, "carbon neutralization" and "carbon emission reduction" have become common global affairs. Under the background of "double carbon", reducing carbon emissions has also become a consensus. However, energy conservation and emission reduction rely on the popularity of new energy vehicles on the road is not enough, and energy conservation and environmental protection in the process of automobile production are also important. Among them, the new forces of car making took this into account at the early stage of development, so when building automobile factories, they implanted the concept of "green factories" early.

Taking Weima automobile as an example, the requirements of environmental protection and recyclability have been put forward since the establishment of the plant. The building materials are low energy, high performance, high durability and local building materials, so as to reduce the energy consumption in the whole life cycle of building materials. The same is true for the whole vehicle. At present, the recyclable rate of Weima whole vehicle is 95.10%, and the recyclable rate is 98.10%.

新经济500强出炉 新势力四小龙“蔚小理威”渐入佳境

Similarly, Xiaopeng automobile has also paid a lot for this. Through continuous transformation, Xiaopeng automobile intelligent factory located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province has further improved its environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. According to the data, in 2020, Zhaoqing plant achieved a 25% reduction in energy consumption. After the photovoltaic project of Zhaoqing plant was put into operation, the photovoltaic power generation in November and December 2021 was 2.905 million kwh, equivalent to 1531 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction.

Traditional car companies are also striving to catch up with green environmental protection. Gac-e'an has built the world's first intelligent ecological plant for comprehensive energy utilization. Through 54000 solar photovoltaic panels, the laying area has reached 89000 square meters, achieving an annual power generation of 16.77 million kWh and a cumulative reduction of carbon emissions of more than 2million tons. In 2023, it took the lead in realizing Guangdong's first auto zero carbon plant.

On the whole, the current domestic automobile market competition can be described as daily fierce. The rise of new forces in car manufacturing has undoubtedly brought new vision and play to the entire automobile industry, and more emerging automobile products are gradually gaining the recognition of consumers. Although traditional car companies have accumulated a good reputation for fuel vehicles, it is precisely because of "traditional" thinking and playing methods that they are somewhat constrained in the field of new energy. In any case, the emergence of new forces in car making is obviously a force that cannot be ignored, and it is intriguing to think about the future pattern of the auto market.


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