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Cicv2022 | lichangqing of the State Administration of market supervision: 14 documents of automobile "sandbox supervision" are being formulated

Publish Date: 2022.08.01

"At present, we are organizing the defective product management center, 7 units and more than 80 experts to form 14 supporting procedure documents, such as the implementation plan of automobile safety sandbox supervision and the catalogue list of automobile safety sandbox supervision." On August 1, in the keynote speech of the 9th Annual Conference on Intelligent connected vehicle technology (cicv 2022), lichangqing, an inspector of the Quality Development Bureau of the State Administration of market supervision, made the above statement.


Lichangqing introduced that in the past two years, Chinese government departments at all levels have continued to increase their support for the innovation of the intelligent connected automobile industry, and major technology companies and automobile enterprises have also increased their investment. They have made phased breakthroughs in the fields of intelligent connected and new energy technologies such as intelligent environment perception, autonomous driving, on-board computing, early warning monitoring, new power batteries, etc., and have mastered a number of core intellectual property rights, It has cultivated a number of intelligent parts supply chain enterprises. In 2021, the shipment volume of China's intelligent Internet connected vehicles reached 13.7 million. It is expected that the assembly rate of China's intelligent Internet connected system will reach 53.3% in 2022 and 75.9% in 2025, exceeding the global average.

Lichangqing also pointed out that in recent years, the intrinsic safety problems of intelligent connected vehicles have begun to attract social attention, including new collision accidents caused by environmental perception and scene recognition, misoperation risks caused by the change of traditional vehicle driving habits by advanced driving assistance systems, fire safety risks caused by vehicle electrification, and so on.

"Accidents of automatic driving or driving assistance systems occur from time to time. Enterprises and consumers have great differences on the safety responsibility of accidents, and some cases have become the focus of public opinion. At the same time, the investigation and determination of the causes of accidents are also facing technical challenges. The traditional investigation methods have failed. Relevant ministries and commissions and local governments are strengthening research and issuing relevant documents such as automatic driving accident reports and product safety responsibility definitions. We are organizing defective products The quality management center and relevant units carry out research and Practice on self safety assessment of automatic driving, accident reporting and product safety responsibility definition. "

Lichangqing revealed that in April this year, the State Administration of market supervision and other five departments jointly issued the "notice on the trial implementation of the automotive safety sandbox supervision system". At present, the defective product management center, seven units and more than 80 experts are being organized to form 14 supporting procedure documents, such as the "implementation plan of automotive safety sandbox supervision" and the "list of automotive safety sandbox supervision catalogue". In the next step, the declaration notice and implementation plan will be issued according to the procedure, and the technological innovation of enterprises will be actively encouraged through sandbox supervision to advocate best safety practices.

The 9th Annual Conference on Intelligent connected vehicle technology (cicv 2022) was held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 1 to 3. The theme of this conference is "innovation strategy, cross-border integration and coordinated development".


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