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The recovery of sales in July is not Honda's final demand

Publish Date: 2022.08.04

Under the opportunity of gradually showing favor to fuel vehicles in the consumption environment, the sales situation in the terminal market has further improved, which is the most gratifying thing for Honda at present.

As we all know, under the influence of long-term supply chain instability, accelerated development of the electrification industry and other factors, many mainstream brands, including Honda, have been limited in production capacity since the middle of last year. The situation that led to the setback of sales volume is obvious until today. Therefore, when Honda officially announced that the sales volume of the two joint ventures had picked up again after June, its significance was worth saying.


In the past July, the cumulative sales volume of Honda cars in the Chinese market reached 133556, an increase of 23.5% year-on-year. Among them, GAC Honda sold 68337 terminal vehicles in July; Dongfeng Honda sold 65219 terminal vehicles in July.

So far, the cumulative sales volume of Honda in the domestic market has reached 812784 from January to July 2022. Although this figure still fell by 9.2% compared with the same period last year, it is believed that this upward trend in sales will not stop because the overall sales volume is still in the early stage of recovery.

Looking back at the performance of products at all levels, limited to the objective reasons such as insufficient production capacity caused by "lack of core", we can indeed find that in the model array of GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda, almost all models have seen the situation that the sales volume did not match the market demand in the first seven months. In other words, Honda's main models, including CR-V, Binzhi, xr-v, civic, haoying, Odyssey, etc., failed to reach the best state in the terminal market.

Now, there are still five months left in 2022. I believe Honda itself knows very well that it is not easy to use this last time to catch up with last year's year-on-year sales. However, for the onlookers, one thing must be affirmed. Compared with the North South Volkswagen in the throes, Honda has not fully revealed the number of cards in its hands or the planning of brand strategy depth.

In particular, its forward-looking planning in the SUV market is profound this year.

In China's car market, the importance of the existence of SUV is self-evident. With the help of the golden decade after 2009, SUV has not only contributed to a pillar market segment equal to cars, but also led a number of Chinese car companies to complete a wave of the most solid original accumulation.

As for the joint venture sector, from north and South Volkswagen to Toyota, Honda and other Japanese car companies that have always been cautious, it's good to say that they are slow witted or want to make a big cake. Sorting out and reorganizing the product pedigree of SUVs also appear to be extremely positive. In just a few years, the steady progress of the bottom-up innovation and the dual vehicle strategy has directly established fortifications for it.

With the development of SUV models in China, it has become an inevitable trend to show the pattern of travel alienation and diversified competition. To this end, Honda chose to give full play to the core advantages of the brand, accurately perceive the market demand, and constantly make innovations and breakthroughs, so as to launch more new models and replacement models, which has become the most important product arrangement task this year.

On July 25, Guangzhou Honda Zr-V Zhi officially opened its pre-sale at a pre-sale price of 168000 yuan. Subsequently, as a sister model, the new generation hr-v of Dongfeng Honda also appeared in the declaration catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology.

In this way, with the previously exposed Dongfeng Honda's new CR-V, as well as another pair of sister models, GAC Honda's new Binzhi and Dongfeng Honda's new xr-v, all will join the domestic queue, and Honda's next SUV product line seems to have reached a new stage that can show its peak combat power.

Perhaps in the remaining time of this year, it is not a realistic thing for the outside world to see all these new cars on the market. But just as the saying goes, "there is plenty of food and grass". Next, the birth of so many SUV models is bound to activate more possibilities for Honda to compete with Toyota and catch up with Volkswagen, and inject more vitality into the traditional SUV market.

In particular, Guangzhou Honda Zr-V and Dongfeng Honda hr-v are two SUVs. As a brand-new product series that Honda has been putting forward for a long time, no matter how differentiated the existing SUV market demand is, the models with such detents entering the new market segments have the opportunity and the ability to bring net increment to Honda's performance in the terminal market.

Since the topic of "net increment" is mentioned, it is still necessary to mention again at this moment that Honda has fallen a pawn in the process of electrification while ensuring the strong output of the existing fuel vehicle market.

Since 2021, countless Automobile Group officials have announced the timetable of electrification transformation, and many of them hope to take China as the position to complete this breakthrough war. However, the formulation of the rules of the game is so simple and rough, which tells us that we don't want to be abandoned by the market or die in the siege of Tesla, and there is only one option, "self revolution".

A few months ago, it was exactly a year since Honda pressed the electric accelerator button. No matter how the European car companies led by Volkswagen are broadening their boundaries, there are too many variables in the future, whether they are happy or worried. But for Honda, from the official launch of Honda e:n brand to the official listing of two new e:np1/s 1 electric SUVs, its determination to seize the electric vehicle market is also unshakable.

In terms of data, in the past seven months, the cumulative sales of Honda models equipped with Rui hybrid system have reached 120961, but we should understand that Honda cannot use such achievements to cover up the fact that it is not dominant in the electric vehicle market. Before the Chinese car companies led by BYD completely take charge of the process of China's electric vehicle market, Honda needs to settle down and plan its expansion direction and mode.

In general, Honda, which is still in the stage of "demand exceeding supply", still has enough confidence to continue the existing development trend. Facing the coming challenges and unknowns, Honda has also made sufficient product reserves and built a more stable system. It is believed that the next five months will be a critical moment for it to catch up with its sales in the same period and anchor the future.


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