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"Nezha Naohai" opens up a new version of South Asia, and Nezha V right steering version is delivered in batch in Nepal

Publish Date: 2022.09.15

Recently, Nezha Automobile's globalization has been further accelerated. In ASEAN and South Asia markets, it has simultaneously achieved a series of milestone achievements, including becoming the first new car maker to list new cars in Thailand and Nepal. In just over ten days, Nezha Auto was listed on the right steering version of Nezha V in ASEAN and Thailand, and opened its first overseas direct store; In South Asia, Nepal, after the launch of Nezha V right-handed version, batch delivery was achieved.

Nezha Auto products were delivered in Nepal for the first time, marking the further expansion of Nezha Auto's overseas territory to South Asia. There are few Chinese brand cars that can enter Nepal. Nezha V right steering version helps Nepalese people accelerate the popularization of intelligent new energy vehicles by virtue of its high-quality intelligent pure tram driving experience.

“哪吒闹海”开辟南亚新版图 ,哪吒V右舵版在尼泊尔批量交付

[The Nezha V right-handed version was delivered to Mingma David, a famous mountaineer in Nepal]

Mingma David is a famous mountaineer in Nepal and one of the first users of Nezha V right steering version in Nepal. As the youngest athlete to climb all 14 major 8000m peaks, Mingma David also won the Guinness World Record for "the fastest time to climb Mount Everest and K2", and climbed the world's first and second peaks in 61 days. Mingma David's deeds are highly consistent with Nezha Auto's spirit of being the first, breaking through the routine, being frank and challenging the impossible. Next, Nezha V right-hand version will accompany Mingma David to challenge more impossibilities in life.

Cooperate with CG Motors to jointly develop the new energy vehicle market in Nepal

At present, Nezha Automobile is firmly in the first camp of new car making forces, with rapid growth. It has evolved in brand, product, technology, service and other aspects, and entered into a transformational development mode of "transformation". In 2021, Nezha Automobile won the title of the fastest growing new energy automobile brand in China. In July 2022, Nezha S, "Sports Smart Car Running", was listed, marking a new stage of brand development. In August, Nezha delivered 16017 cars, ranking first among the new car makers, with a year-on-year growth of 142%, achieving a 26 month year-on-year growth that is rare in the industry. From January to August this year, Nezha Automobile has delivered 93185 units, ranking first among the new car making forces, with a year-on-year growth of 176%. In August, Nezha Auto appeared at Chengdu Auto Show with a brand new super product lineup to show its product and technical strength. At the same time, it released "Brand attitude: brave people are not alone, even if it is far away", showing a technology brand image with temperature, attitude and human taste.

With the steady and rapid systematic development in China and the brand's new and upward trend, the globalization strategy of Nezha has accelerated the pace of landing, and also prepared for the overseas listing of Nezha's auto products.

Together with strategic partners, Nezha Automobile is committed to making high-quality intelligent electric vehicles within reach worldwide. In April 2022, Nezha Automobile established a cooperative relationship with CG Motors. CG Corp Global Group is one of the trustworthy enterprise groups in Nepal, with a history of more than 150 years. CG Motors, a new energy automobile enterprise of CG Corp Global Group, is committed to changing the transportation pattern of Nepal by introducing high-quality automobile products with the latest innovative technologies. In addition to Nezha V right steering version, CG Motors will also successively launch Nezha S and Nezha U models in the future to meet the needs of Nepal's new energy vehicle market with a rich product matrix.

“哪吒闹海”开辟南亚新版图 ,哪吒V右舵版在尼泊尔批量交付

[Nezha Automobile's Experience Center in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal]

Nezha V right steering version may reshape the market pattern of new energy vehicles in Nepal

Nezha V is a popular smart car for young people. At present, Nezha V series has won the sales champion of New Force's pure electric SUV for 10 consecutive months, and it is the fastest model of New Force to exceed 100000 units. As a model of Nezha Automobile based on Nezha V and according to different vehicle demands in overseas markets, the right steering version of Nezha V, after landing in Nepal, is expected to "copy" domestic successful experience, continue the momentum of continuous hot sales in China, impact and even reshape the new energy market pattern in Nepal.


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