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Deepen the development of electric drive and jointly create the reform of mobile travel

Publish Date: 2022.09.15

Author: Shohei Yamazaki, Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Corporation, Chairman of Nissan China Management Committee, President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd

Today is the third World EV Day. I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate with you the rapid development of electric vehicles and technologies. "Promoting innovation and enriching people's lives" is the corporate purpose of Nissan Automobile. The company is committed to building a cleaner, safer and more inclusive society. We regard sustainable development as the core of the company's business and the long-term vision of benefiting consumers, enterprises and environmental development.

深耕电驱化发展 共创移动出行变革

Mr. Yamazaki Zhuang Ping, Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Corporation, Chairman of Nissan China Management Committee, President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd

75 years of intensive electric development, leading the reform of electric travel

As a pioneer of modern electric vehicles, Nissan has constantly innovated in accordance with the changes of the times and drivers' needs. Since 1947, it has successively launched electric products such as pure electric vehicles, ice cream trucks and robot assisted co drivers to meet the changing diversified needs of consumers.

As the first pure electric vehicle of Nissan, the release of Tama pure electric vehicle in 1947 started the 75 year electric drive process of Nissan.

深耕电驱化发展 共创移动出行变革

The first pure electric model of Nissan - Tama

In 1996, the company launched Nissan Prairie Joy, the world's first electric vehicle equipped with cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, and proved its reliability in the Arctic region, one of the most challenging environments on the earth. The National Institute of Polar Research of Japan has used the Nissan Prairie Joy electric vehicle for 6 years in an extremely harsh environment without any battery failure.

深耕电驱化发展 共创移动出行变革

Nissan Prairie Joy has served in Japan Polar Research Institute for 6 years without any battery failure

In 2010, Nissan LEAF, the first mass production pure electric vehicle model of Nissan, came out and created a milestone of electric travel, bringing electric technology into people's lives. Up to now, Nissan has sold more than 600000 LEAVES worldwide.

As one of the important pillars of Nissan's electric drive strategy, in 2016, Nissan released Nissan e-POWER technology to bring consumers more diversified mobile travel solutions. The technology generates electricity through gasoline engine, and the electric energy generated directly acts on the motor to drive the vehicle. By the end of January 2022, more than 620000 consumers worldwide have purchased models equipped with Nissan e-POWER technology.

深耕电驱化发展 共创移动出行变革

Nissan e-POWER technology brings consumers more diversified mobile travel solutions

With the continuous development of Nissan's electric drive technology, Nissan Motor released its first pure electric crossover SUV model in Japan, Nissan Ariya. As a synthesizer of Nissan's advanced technology, Nissan Ariya is based on Nissan's new design concept - "Timeless Japanese Futurism" and will be delivered to Chinese consumers within this year.

深耕电驱化发展 共创移动出行变革

Nissan Ariya, the first pure electric crossover SUV model of Nissan

Nissan will continue to deepen its efforts in electric drive to provide consumers with more mobile travel solutions. It is estimated that by the end of fiscal year 2023, Nissan will have sold more than 1 million electric drive vehicles. At the same time, Nissan Automobile plans to achieve carbon neutrality in the enterprise operation and product life cycle * of the whole group by 2050. The company will continue to promote the innovation of electric drive and automobile manufacturing technology to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

Lead the world and promote industrial change

Nissan has actively laid out electric drive models, based on the core market, and rapidly promoted the delivery of electric drive products. As a part of "Nissan Vision 2030", the Chinese market will play a key role in Nissan's electric drive development. Up to now, Nissan has launched Sylphy Zero Emission and e-POWER for Chinese market. Nissan plans to introduce more electric drive models to the Chinese market by 2025, including its latest pure electric crossover SUV model, Nissan Ariya.

深耕电驱化发展 共创移动出行变革

Nissan has launched Xuanyi · electric drive e-POWER for the Chinese market

深耕电驱化发展 共创移动出行变革

Nissan has launched Sylphy Zero Emission for the Chinese market

The Chinese market is at the forefront of the future mobile travel development, and Nissan is ready to invest in it, focusing on promoting the innovation of intelligent networking, automatic driving, electric drive technology and mobile travel services. At the same time, Nissan will continue to introduce advanced innovative technologies and mobile travel solutions to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

As the core of Nissan's business in China, the company will comprehensively accelerate the implementation of the carbon neutral plan by combining its rich professional knowledge and experience with its electric drive models and technologies, so as to bring more fun driving electric drive models and innovative technologies to Chinese consumers.

*The product life cycle includes the extraction, manufacturing, utilization of vehicle raw materials and the recycling/reuse of scrapped vehicles.


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