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Ideal Automobile Legal Department: "Parts standard reduction" is a rumor

Publish Date: 2022.09.16

On September 16, the official micro blog of the Legal Department of Ideal Automobile issued a statement that, on the evening of September 13, 2022, a netizen named "I am your shrimp crawling" released a post on the social platform about the brand's request to lower the quality standard, which was accompanied by four photos of auto parts. The content of the post was maliciously misinterpreted and spread. The above behaviors mislead the public and hurt the image of the ideal automobile brand.


Source: Microblog

It was found that the netizen was Peng Moumou, a staff member of the ideal auto supplier "Anhui Wan'an". The auto parts in the attached photo were the defective products that could not be delivered for use during the self inspection process when "Anhui Wan'an" was producing parts for the ideal auto. "Anhui Wan'an" has officially confirmed that the information released by Peng is untrue and belongs to rumor making.

Ideals Auto said that, in response to the above rumor mongering events, the company has initiated judicial proceedings to safeguard the rights of the responsible subjects for rumor mongering and spreading false information, and has taken legal measures to investigate the legal liability of "Peng" to safeguard the legal rights and interests of Ideals Auto.


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