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BMW's chairman predicted that Germany would experience economic recession "BMW is ready"

Publish Date: 2022.09.17

The German Economic Weekly reported on September 14 that BMW's chairman predicted that Germany would experience economic recession, and BMW is expected to successfully pass through the difficult period.

Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW, predicted that Germany would face an economic recession when he delivered a keynote speech on the Innovation Day of World Market Leaders in Germany. "The economic recession will come. It sounds terrible and exaggerated. Although we cannot grow indefinitely, the world will not end because of it. Fortunately, we can cope with our development accumulation over the past decade."

宝马董事长预计德国会经济衰退 “宝马已经准备好了”

Oliver Zipse criticized the EU ban on fuel vehicles, insisting that the EU should be open to environmental protection technologies and promote the simultaneous development of various environmental protection technologies. He said that the automobile industry should reduce carbon dioxide emissions every year, but it is worth thinking about whether reducing carbon dioxide emissions will play a role in environmental protection. At present, EU and multinational governments only focus on emission reduction data, while ignoring the actual effect and role of emission reduction.

He emphasized that BMW would not only develop electric vehicles because of the imperfect charging infrastructure and the long time to complete the charging network construction.

"We believe that hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will come into the market, and I am sure BMW will launch hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.".

"Hydrogen energy is the only raw material that can be produced and stored in an environmentally-friendly way. It can directly use the existing gas station facilities. It does not need to build additional infrastructure. It takes only two days to refit the gas station. This is much more convenient than electric vehicles."

It is reported that BMW will adhere to the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


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