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Volvo is about to launch a new flagship SUV of pure electric vehicles, setting a new benchmark for electric vehicle safety

Publish Date: 2022.09.22

How should cars in the new era ensure the safety of drivers and passengers? Full stack self-developed software+Luminar lidar+DUS driver perception system, which is the answer given by Volvo.

Luo Wenjin, President and CEO of Volvo Cars, said: "The next generation of Volvo cars will be equipped with advanced sensing systems and software to see the world from a different perspective


He announced that Volvo would soon launch a new pure electric flagship SUV EX90, which inherits the safety background of Volvo for nearly a hundred years. Through innovative technology applications, it revealed the future safety vision of Volvo Cars. "The safety standards of the next generation of models will define a new height of safety for Volvo Cars in the electrification era."

After years of exploration and research, Volvo has found that absolute safety is not only achieved through technological development, but also related to people's behavior. For drivers, even if they are able to comply with the traffic laws under normal circumstances, factors such as mood, drunkenness, speeding and distraction will also affect their driving status, thus affecting driving safety.

The goal of Volvo Cars is to provide safety support for drivers through technological innovation at all times, and reduce man-made safety hazards. In order to achieve this vision, the new pure electric flagship SUV EX90 effectively integrates advanced technologies, and strives to achieve safety without dead ends by understanding the external environment of the car and the status of the driver in the car.

Volvo has a complete capability of independent research and development of ADAS. In addition to perception, the integration, decision-making and control of perception are all self-developed. At the same time, Zenseal, an automatic driving software development company under Volvo Cars, can provide full stack automatic driving software.

The EX90 adopts the lidar technology developed by Luminar, a technology company, with a wavelength of 1550 nm, a detection range of 250 meters under the condition of 10% reflectivity, and an angular resolution of 0.06 ° * 0.06 °.


In addition, the lidar system will work with 5 body radars, 8 cameras and 16 ultrasonic sensors. Each sensor can sense the external environment by its own advantages.

With the help of the "World Tree" central computing architecture, EX90 introduced a security redundancy system. At the same time, the architecture can fully integrate the functions of future models, and upgrade online through independent learning and OTA.

It is reported that Volvo Cars' unsupervised and highly automatic driving function, Ride Pilot, will first be launched on the road in California, the United States, and will gradually be launched globally if laws and regulations permit.

EX90 will be equipped with DUS dual camera driver perception system as standard, which is composed of one capacitive steering wheel and two cameras, and can obtain driver status information and integrate it with intelligent driving algorithm.


The new sensing technology is controlled by the algorithm developed by Volvo itself, which enables the vehicle to identify whether the driver is distracted, sleepy or needs to rest and identify in advance. Then the vehicle will remind you that even in extreme circumstances, such as the driver's sudden discomfort or nap, the vehicle can safely stop and ask for help.

When it is detected that the driver's attention is no longer focused on driving and needs to provide support, the vehicle will intervene to complete the safe driving decision. For example, reduce the speed, keep the lane and even stop the vehicle.

The DUS driver perception system captures the driver's status signals through two cameras to observe the driver's line of sight direction, etc. By measuring the time when the driver observes the road ahead, and combining with the environmental changes, it can identify the situation that the driver's eyes deviate from the road, and then judge whether the driver is distracted.

The capacitive inductive steering wheel equipped on the vehicle will also play a role. This steering wheel can sense whether the driver releases his hand, and then judge whether the driving state is stable.

The EX90 can use the patented algorithm of real-time vision mode and steering behavior to take appropriate measures to help drivers when necessary. When necessary, the system will first send out a slight reminder, and then strengthen it one by one.


If the driver does not respond to the increasingly obvious warning sound, the car will safely stop at the roadside and light up to remind other traffic participants.

There is no doubt that EX90 will help Volvo Cars move towards the vision of "zero casualties": in the brand-new Volvo cars, drivers will no longer be seriously injured or killed.

Luo Wenjin said: "As a leader in safety, Volvo Cars has been setting new standards and developing new technologies. We will bring this leadership and expertise into the next century."


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