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Entering the 2022 Expo | Gao He and Ding Lei: Open cooperation, two-way empowerment and sharing of development opportunities

Publish Date: 2022.11.07

The intelligent car robot for listening to the sound and identifying the position, the running water star ring light on the body that can give a "greeting", and the cool carbon fiber interior that can be recycled... These scenes, such as those in the science fiction film 20 years later, really appeared in the Fifth Expo. The latest flagship of Gaohe Automobile, HiPhi Z, made its debut in the Expo. This smart car race with future fashionable shape and digital life interaction attracted the enthusiastic attention of visitors and the media.

2022进博会|高合丁磊:开放合作 双向赋能 共享发展机遇

(Photo caption: Gaohe HiPhi Z made its debut in the Expo. Through the Expo, Gaohe and its partners will work together to create world-class products.)

From November 5 to 10, the 5th China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Chinese Express, a travel technology innovation enterprise, and Kesichuang, a world top 500 and a world leading polymer material manufacturer, jointly participated in the exhibition, and brought high-tech luxury intelligent car racing Gaohe HiPhi Z. On November 6, Gaohe Automobile and Covestro signed the "Low Carbon Intelligent Co creation Cooperation" agreement to further expand cooperation and jointly explore the future of sustainable intelligent travel.

Founder Ding Lei, Chairman of the Board, said: "The Expo has always been an open and cooperative platform for us to efficiently connect with the world's top resources. It is through the Expo that we, a young start-up, and global partners such as Covestro have worked together to create world-class products, achieve rapid development, and won the praise of the market and users. At the same time, we mutually empower each other, so that innovative achievements can feed our partners, and promote the development of the global market and industry."

In his speech, Dr. Xerox, the global CEO of Covestro, said that China Express is committed to changing the travel experience through innovative technology and building a global high-end new energy vehicle brand in China through the Gaohe automobile brand, which impressed me deeply. Gaohe has always been committed to creating low-carbon travel solutions. At Covestro, we have also launched the vision of achieving a comprehensive cycle. Therefore, we can deepen cooperation and work together to create the next generation of travel solutions, including the use of more low-carbon footprint materials, which will further promote the carbon reduction of our customers and the automotive industry, and also help China's dual carbon goals.

2022进博会|高合丁磊:开放合作 双向赋能 共享发展机遇

Photo caption: On November 6, Gaohe Automobile and Covestro held the signing of "Low Carbon Intelligent Co creation Cooperation" at the Expo.

Gather world resources and lead technological innovation

2022进博会|高合丁磊:开放合作 双向赋能 共享发展机遇

Photo caption: On November 6, Gaohe Automobile and Covestro held the signing of "Low Carbon Intelligent Co creation Cooperation" at the Expo. Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of Gaohe Automobile, Dr. Chen Jun, Co CTO (second from the right), Dr. Xerox, Global CEO of Covestro, and Wang Li, Global President of Engineering Plastics Business Unit (second from the left) jointly witnessed online and offline. Zhang Rong (first from right), COO of Gaohe Automobile, and Mao Dongzhao (first from left), Vice President of Automotive Business in China of Covestro Engineering Plastics Business Unit, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

HiPhi Z brings together the world's excellent resources, perfectly integrates the three features of "future fashion, digital life, and electronic age control", and creates an epoch-making intelligent car product. On the booth, the ISD intelligent interactive lamp on the side door of the car body interacts with the audience through the water light effect; In the car, digital life integrates with machinery, and the unique intelligent vehicle robot, HiPhi Bot, can make intelligent adjustment of front and back, left and right height, pitch and other angles according to different scenes. The multi axis displacement system behind it can achieve 4-DOF/8-direction adjustment, which enables the HiPhi Bot to achieve humanized intelligent interaction. These intelligent functions make the audience feel excited and stop to experience.

"We are very happy to work with Gaohe Automobile to create solutions based on more recycling and sustainable materials for the automotive industry, and help the industry develop intelligently and low-carbon." Wang Li, global president of Covestro Engineering Plastics Business Unit, said, "Covestro expects to work with more like-minded enterprises like Gaohe Automobile to accelerate the development trend of this industry and transform to a circular economy."

The marbled recyclable carbon fiber composite jointly developed by Gaohe and Kesichuang, which can be used in vehicle interiors, was displayed on the HiPhi Z exhibition vehicle at the booth site. This material not only has a unique and novel scientific and technological shape, but also can be recycled and reused. Not only that, compared with aluminum, this recyclable carbon fiber material can reduce the weight by more than 30%, and has the characteristics of lightweight and high strength.

2022进博会|高合丁磊:开放合作 双向赋能 共享发展机遇

Photo caption: Gaohe HiPhi Z perfectly integrates the three features of "future fashion, digital life and electronic age control" to create an epoch-making intelligent car

On the first flagship model, the supercar SUV HiPhi X, Gaohe Automobile and Covestro jointly developed a set of composite materials for intelligent interactive surfaces, which can not only ensure the high gloss of the car appearance, but also have a stable and impact resistant structure. The most important thing is that it can meet the requirements of infrared transparency. Finally, the B pillar of the HiPhi X turns into a "magic key" to open the door, realizing infrared cameras, face recognition, intelligent display Multi performance intelligent requirements such as touch sensing.

In addition, HiPhi Z is equipped with a large number of innovative products such as 13.2 degree rear wheel steering from Japan's Aixin, Orin chip from Nvidia, "real 3D" smart cockpit built by Epic Games Unreal illusory engine, Bosch, Continental, Dow and Kostron this time. With the help of the platform of the Expo, Gaohe Automobile not only efficiently docked with global resources to create world-class smart electric vehicles, but also demonstrated the strength of Chinese enterprises in innovation and research in the field of new energy smart vehicles again, creatively promoted innovation in the industry, formed a multi-dimensional win-win situation, empowered the global market with Chinese innovation, and shared development opportunities.

2022进博会|高合丁磊:开放合作 双向赋能 共享发展机遇

2022进博会|高合丁磊:开放合作 双向赋能 共享发展机遇

2022进博会|高合丁磊:开放合作 双向赋能 共享发展机遇


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