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More details of the new Macan BEV are disclosed, equipped with 800V high-voltage fast charging platform

Publish Date: 2022.11.14

Recently, at the Porsche Electric Drive Technology Outlook Conference, more details of Macan BEV were released for the first time.

As the second pure electric product of Porsche, the new car will become the first SUV model based on PPE platform of Porsche brand. It will not only be equipped with dual motor four-wheel drive system, but also be equipped with 800V battery architecture and high-voltage fast charging technology in the future. It is planned to start delivery in 2024.

全新Macan BEV更多细节公开,配800V高压快充平台

The PPE platform will use an 800 volt battery system, and the DC fast charging rate of Macan EV will be slightly higher than that of Taycan, referring to the charging efficiency of up to 270 kW of Taycan. We guess that the charging efficiency of Macan EV may be between 275-280 kW.

Macan EV can charge from 5% to 80% in 25 minutes, which is about 2.5 minutes longer than Taycan. However, the available capacity of Taycan equipped with Performance Plus battery is 83.7 kWh, which is about 14 kWh lower than the available capacity of Macan EV.

Since these charging times will replenish 75% of the batteries (5% to 80%), this means that the Macan EV will need to replenish about 10kWh and only need 2.5 minutes more to complete.

全新Macan BEV更多细节公开,配800V高压快充平台

Macan BEV's PPE platform

The PPE platform supports rear drive or four-wheel drive. The new generation Macan will adopt a four-wheel drive layout with front and rear dual motors. Both motors will adopt a new generation hairpin winding permanent magnet synchronous motor system. Through the optimization of the winding structure and cooling system, the output function of the electric machine will be stronger. At present, it is officially revealed that the maximum power of the dual motor model system will reach 450kW, and the peak torque will exceed 1000N · m.

In the total sales volume in 2021, there will be 88362 Macan series vehicles in the 301915 Porsche vehicles delivered worldwide, accounting for nearly 30% of the Porsche brands. Therefore, Porsche hopes to start selling the Macan BEV in 2023. However, due to problems with the E3 1.2 software platform, the launch of Macan BEV had to be delayed to 2024.


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