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2022 China Automobile Forum | Liu Ji: Integration, Co creation and Win win - iCar Ecological Map Practice

Publish Date: 2022.11.14

From November 8 to 10, 2022, the 12th China Automobile Forum hosted by the China Automobile Industry Association was held in Jiading, Shanghai. As the first grand meeting of the automobile industry after the "Twentieth National Congress" of the Party, this forum has set up "1 closed summit+1 conference forum+16 theme forums" under the theme of "Cohesion, stability, and new path". With the high-quality development of the automobile industry as the main line, this forum will work with industry elites to implement the new spirit, study new situations, and discuss new measures. Among them, Liu Ji, the deputy general manager of iCar Eco Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a wonderful speech at the "Theme Forum 6: Brand Upward in the New Automobile Era" held in the morning of November 10. The following are the live speech transcripts:


Dear Secretary General Liu, respected colleagues in the industry, and our experts, good morning!

I'm Liu Ji from iCar Ecology. It's my honor to discuss a topic with you here today. President Wang of Kaidu just talked about how to become an ecological brand in the automobile industry? When I listened to the whole research report of President Wang, I found that in fact, on the way of exploration, we found many similarities with our professional research institutions, and very coincidentally.

Now we all know that the so-called ecology is not a new concept. The ICT industry, including the current mobile phone industry, is very familiar with it. As an automobile enterprise, how can we do ecology? This is also the topic of our internal research last year. What kind of ecology do users need? What kind of value brand do we bring to users? There may be an inappropriate interpretation of the brand. We understand that the brand is a kind of romanticism, and for Chery, it is a combination of ice and fire of ingenuity and technology. How to nurture or generate a new brand through the group's strong foundation strength poses many challenges to us.

On June 11, last year, iCar ecology, an automobile ecological brand, was launched. Many multimedia friends, including industry partners, asked us what you have done, what you want to do, and what you want to bring to users? Ecological brand construction is a secret for enterprises to keep their youth forever, which is our most fundamental understanding.

General Manager Gang Wang said that there are also some in our materials. From products to platforms to ecology, we have been exploring how to make the enterprise durable, enable the enterprise to have a continuous source of force, and maintain the development of the enterprise.

First, let's look at a set of data in the process of ecological practice. From last year to now, we have found that our users use the vehicle 4.6 times a day on average, use the vehicle 71.2 minutes a day, and drive 36 kilometers a day. There is a very interesting figure. 1.77 million times. What is the concept? This summer is very hot. All of our iCar eco products have remote air conditioning automatic start and remote start functions. We found that this is a very frequent user function experience. In the hot sun, our users, including our car owners, want a very cool space, which is a small demand of them.

For us, iCar is the interpretation of panoramic ecological application. Panoramic ecology is a typical paradigm of definition, which more shows people's new cognition and definition of cars, including car enterprises and even the entire industry. What are our cars? What is the product of a car for users? Is it a big mobile phone in common language? This is what we are exploring.

In the future, including this year, we have also made many changes. Of course, what we share here today, we hope you can participate together, because I find that our new energy enterprises have a particularly good point? Every time entrepreneurs of our new energy enterprises sit together to discuss the new energy industry, they think not of competition, but of how to make the new energy industry bigger and stronger, so that users can have a better experience. In particular, Secretary General Liu has repeatedly mentioned why the new energy industry has achieved such great development, which is the result of joint efforts.

This page coincides with Mr. Wang's PPT. The first stage of the development of the ecological brand, as understood by iCar, is the stage of technology superposition. At the earliest time, it was more about configuration and combination to extract USP selling points for user perception.

In the second stage, we are more driven by the platform. With the help of Internet platform technology and digital marketing, we enable users to connect seamlessly. In essence, it is a linear process, and it does not fully explain or penetrate into the user scene. For car enterprises, the platform has more than two functions. The first is to achieve user transformation. In fact, it is constantly consuming users, which is a single chain. Another link is that after the user uses the car, he/she may realize the service or upward interaction with the user to understand the user's information. I think this is just a two-way process.

The third stage is ecological connection. You often use links or connections, and this place is connection. When users contact the products, they may not think of a scene or a function of yours, but of a concrete and romantic brand image in their mind. For example, when we think of Apple or Huawei, there are Huawei partners here today, and its label is very clear. From this point of view, we think it is more about combining scenarios with the use of functions and user life scenarios.

For us, we have also done some practice. In this way, we have also made some small achievements last year, because QQ ice cream is also a phenomenal event in the industry among A00 new energy cars. It is equivalent to that we achieved the project approval in 2021 last year, and then mass production and delivery in the same year. We have adopted OTDs for all users, including direct to C communication and connection with users. At the time of the first launch and blind booking, we obtained 16000 orders. It was our first attempt to complete the 74 second online killing of all 1000 cars on the Double 11 last year.

In fact, through this attempt, we do not mean how well our enterprise is doing, but we find that users have their inherent desire for car consumption patterns and habits. If we bought a mobile phone ten years ago, Huawei's boss would go to the store to see it. Now do we still go to see it when we buy Huawei's mobile phone? Maybe a video, a press conference, and a few pictures will soon make you willing to pay the full amount, which is the biggest change in users' minds.

From last year to now, the sales of ice cream has exceeded 90,000 units, and Ant is the only high-quality pure electric car in China that has exceeded 300,000 units. Because in this price range of 60,000 to 100,000, we can tell you that Ant's price has reached the highest point in the industry. Why can users accept it? Because what we provide is not a product, but a series of mechanisms based on scenarios and services including communication. In 618 this year, Wujie Pro won the first place in JD's crowdfunding. It directly received orders for more than 6800 units during crowdfunding. Of course, these orders were paid by users, not 9.9 yuan in the traditional sense. The fans of the whole network have achieved great development. Compared with last year, we used the ecological brand construction method, so the development speed of the whole fans increased by 582% year on year, and this year's fans reached nearly 9 million. This is a small attempt and practice.

For the iCar ecology, we hope to achieve integration, co creation and win-win results with the attitude of all-round cross-border ecological integration, and promote the continuous evolution and extension of the domestic automobile ecological scene. For an ecological brand, its responsibility is not only enterprise development, but also the value of users, the whole industry and even the society. So for us, the ecological chain of iCar proposes a 4M matrix internally, which means four things in simple terms: co creation of users, sharing of experience, co construction of technology, and co integration of partners.

As far as user co creation is concerned, it is not just about co creation with users at a certain point. It is not about changing the color of the tail fin of my car if the user likes blue or white. For us, there is a system in our iCar to create things like this, from product co creation to brand co creation and marketing co creation, which is a set of systems to do. What do we want to achieve? It is from blood transfusion to blood production, not just investment. Brand is not investment, but investment. We want to invest more in our users, so that users can create traffic and value with us. All of you are veterans of the entire automobile industry, and we all know that every year, we spend a lot on publicity in automobile enterprises. In fact, most of the time we used to go by the flow. How do we turn the flow transfusion into hematopoiesis is a future research topic.

From passive to active, users are pushing things in a positive way. How much can users participate in? How can we make online and offline seamless connections to close the user's whole journey? The closed loop can open the user's circle at the same time, so that users can experience more of the brand's temperature. This is our user sharing from passive to active. Of course, our entire digital platform does it in this way, and there are also some displays.

From R&D to application, we all know that Chery Group released the "Yaoguang 2025" plan not long ago this year. The largest part of the whole "Yaoguang 2025" is our new energy technology. At the same time, our underlying technology and car underlying data are very solid. Among them, we have shown that many technologies are built together with colleges and universities, specialized scientific research institutions, including specialized suppliers and other systems. For the construction of digitalization and the Internet of Things, we also rely on research and application of enterprises like Tmall, JD, Internet, and even Huawei. Needless to say, big data is the bottom layer. Through big data insight, we can apply our research and development to applications.

What are users' needs? What is the real demand? What is false demand? What is the need for a concept? What is the demand for eye-catching? As far as the ecology of iCar is concerned, what we have done is not much, so that users can feel just right. The real need for high-frequency use every day is the transmission of real user value. We can't add some configurations to attract the attention, and increase the burden of consumers in the consumption process without reason. This is our mission.

We hope that together with suppliers and partners, we can achieve a win-win situation. It is no longer a business relationship, but more a win-win relationship. We want to bring out our underlying technologies and incubate higher-level technologies, which is our goal.

From blood transfusion to hematopoiesis, we pay attention to the consumption of traffic to user generated traffic. The background picture behind is a lot of activities we have done, such as teachers going to Tibet. Why are teachers captured? Because teachers especially like our cars, including doctors and other groups. Use the car they like, because they are very busy with their work. Once they have a holiday, they can take a free trip to Tibet to experience the natural scenery and talk about their more needs. At the same time, online and offline, we do 7 × The live broadcast is conducted 24 hours a day, and users who have not participated in the online activities participate at the same time.

From passive to active, this is more systematic construction. From insight, modeling to integration, we have made a comprehensive and in-depth layout at the whole three levels. The Group has made a lot of investment in this field. It was also mentioned just now that this is actually an investment, because the digital assets of an enterprise are the most basic foundation for an enterprise to do well in ecology, and also an important basis for the future ecological direction. For us, facing the user's agile response is the most important point in the whole journey of digital users.

From R&D to application, build intelligent and scenario based products based on technology and user needs. We have the unbounded pro product on the market. Two days ago, we communicated with the terminal vendors and merchants. Why has the price of unbounded pro reached the ceiling of the car, but many users still pay for it? Because a lot of people said that I think your big screen is very good, and you can experience 200000 big screens with a car costing about 100000 yuan. As a guest said, we don't need to stack hardware. The result of our hardware stacking is not perceived by users. What we perceive more is whether users can feel it on my big screen? In Huawei's words, my system will not be stuck for 18 months, which is the most intuitive feeling of users.

From trading to win-win, there are many partners, from digital marketing to user operation, to intelligent manufacturing, to intelligent car service, and we have many levels of cooperation, which may be deeper than you think.

For iCar, it aims to build a new energy vehicle ecosystem that runs through the whole life cycle of users and creates value for users, partners and the industry.

From this perspective, we hope to join hands with the existing 450,000 retained users to jointly practice the social responsibility of green development. Of course, we also made a small statistics. After running our entire 450000 cars in the whole market, we saved 2.13 million tons of carbon emissions every year, running 13.5 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to planting 200000 hectares of trees. At the same time, converting the mileage, it is equivalent to running 40000 circles around the world.

In the future, iCar will also respond to the spirit of the Twentieth National Congress and the spirit program of green development. We will put the concept of green development into the whole value chain of customer and product development and marketing. ICar aspires to be a pioneer in promoting and promoting people to adopt a green and low-carbon lifestyle, and hopes that all partners present here will work together to build China's new energy vehicle industry into the top of the world.

Thank you!


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