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Inheriting UNI-V appearance/equipped with Lanjing 1.5T Chang'an Lamore for real vehicle exposure

Publish Date: 2022.11.15

On November 15, NetEase Auto reported that recently, NetEase Auto obtained the real vehicle photos of the new compact car Lamore under Chang'an Auto from relevant channels. The new car had been exposed in the 363 batches of new car announcements issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The appearance design of the new car continues the family style language, but it also has a more calm atmosphere. In terms of body size, the new car is between UNI-V and Ruicheng PLUS models, and the power part is relatively conservative, with only 1.5T Lanjing power.

继承UNI-V外观/配蓝鲸1.5T 长安Lamore实车曝光

In appearance, Lamore inherits the design language of UNI-V major divisions. For example, the borderless Zhongwang, which is widely used in Chang'an, has adopted a design similar to wavy patterns instead of dot matrix design. The pressing down structure of the front face enhances the sense of strength of the whole vehicle. With long and thin LED headlights on both sides, the "corner of the eye" extends to the fender, which is very personalized; The triangular fog lamp area makes the front face look more calm and atmospheric; The lower part adopts a very three-dimensional air guide slot, and the front enclosure is also very sharp, which has a more visual impact.

继承UNI-V外观/配蓝鲸1.5T 长安Lamore实车曝光

The side lines of the new car are smooth. Instead of using the traditional waist line for visual effect segmentation, the side uses a concave contour in the middle, which is similar to the UNI gravity series from the turbulent water surface, making the vehicle more flexible in visual effect; The current popular fashion elements, such as hidden car handles, downpressed car bodies and whirlwind sized wheels, are more in line with the aesthetic needs of the current young people and strengthen the sense of youth.

继承UNI-V外观/配蓝鲸1.5T 长安Lamore实车曝光

In terms of body dimensions, the length, width and height of the new car are 4770mm/1840mm/1440/1450mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2765mm. Compared with Chang'an UNI-V (parameter | picture), it is longer and higher overall, somewhat like a larger and more household UNI-V, and the utilization rate of interior space will be more. In addition, new cars can also choose side marker lamps. The top of the new car is also equipped with a panoramic roof and a sunroof. There is also a version without a sunroof.

继承UNI-V外观/配蓝鲸1.5T 长安Lamore实车曝光

继承UNI-V外观/配蓝鲸1.5T 长安Lamore实车曝光

The rear part of the car is more convergent. Instead of the popular hatchback, it adopts a three-dimensional sliding rear part, but it seems to emphasize the trunk. The corner design of the rear part of the car increases the aesthetics of the rear part to a certain extent. The smoked matrix type tail lamp matches the bilateral square chrome plated exhaust. The logo of the rear part also exposes the name of this new car, which is more likely to be "lamore". Although there is no through tail lamp at the tail, the tail lamp has a sharp shape, echoing the front and rear headlights. The bottom adopts the exhaust layout of two sides and two outlets. The whole show a strong sense of movement.

继承UNI-V外观/配蓝鲸1.5T 长安Lamore实车曝光

In terms of power, according to the declaration information, the new car is equipped with a new generation of 1.5T Blue Whale turbocharged direct injection engine, with the maximum horsepower of 170 horsepower and torque of 260 N · m. The transmission is a seven speed dual clutch transmission.


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