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Pre sale of 1480000 yuan Audi RS e-tron GT was officially opened

Publish Date: 2022.11.16

A few days ago, Car Quality Network learned from the official of Audi Automobile that the new Audi RS e-tron GT was officially open for pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 1.48 million yuan, and the national limit of 20 in 2022. In terms of car purchase benefits, the top 20 car owners will also receive a collection of manuscripts signed by Mr. Marc Lichte, the global design director of Audi.

预售148万元 奥迪RS e-tron GT正式开启预售

预售148万元 奥迪RS e-tron GT正式开启预售

In terms of appearance, the new car retains the classic hexagonal air intake grille of Audi models, and the interior is also treated in a closed way, with a large area of black trim panels on the periphery to highlight the attack situation. The vehicle's headlights are sci-fi and equipped with Audi Matrix Laser technology. When the vehicle's speed is 70km/h, the laser irradiation distance will be farther than that of ordinary LED headlights, and dynamic effects will also be generated.

预售148万元 奥迪RS e-tron GT正式开启预售

The classic slip back design of the GT model is retained on the side of the vehicle. In addition to the low body and excellent aerodynamics, the drag coefficient of the new car is only 0.24Cd. In addition, the new car also uses a low wind resistance wheel rim with a 10 piston brake caliper to increase the performance. The rear part of the vehicle has an outstanding design, the bottom diffuser is very exaggerated, and the surrounding area is also made of carbon fiber. The tail lamp adopts the current popular through design, which is highly recognizable when lit.

预售148万元 奥迪RS e-tron GT正式开启预售

The classic digital cockpit of Audi is adopted for the interior of the vehicle, and the full LCD instrument panel and embedded central control screen display the sense of science and technology. In terms of material, the interior of the vehicle is wrapped with a large number of suede materials, supplemented by a large number of carbon fiber trim panels, achieving a sense of both quality and performance.

预售148万元 奥迪RS e-tron GT正式开启预售

Audi RS e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan are built on the same J1 platform. The power is equipped with front and rear motors. The comprehensive power can reach 599Ps. The maximum torque is 830N · m. The 100 km acceleration is only 3.3 seconds. In terms of battery, the vehicle is equipped with 93kWh lithium-ion battery, and the driving range under WLTP condition can reach 488km. In addition, the new vehicle will be equipped with three chamber air suspension and four driving modes. More information about new cars will be continuously followed and reported by Car Quality Network.


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