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Replacement of MQB Evo platform, exposure of new Volkswagen Tiguan spy photos

Publish Date: 2022.11.21

Recently, Car Quality Network learned a group of spy photos of the new Volkswagen Tiguan from overseas media. The new car is the third generation model, which will adopt a new design style and be built by replacing the MQB Evo modular platform. It is reported that the vehicle may be officially released in the first half of 2023.

更换MQB Evo平台 全新大众Tiguan谍照曝光

According to the preview of this exposure, the brand new Volkswagen Tiguan will adopt the latest family style design style. Its front face looks more flat, and the size of the air inlet grille is reduced. The "C" shaped air inlet dams on both sides are connected with the mesh mesh, which not only has a strong sense of integrity, but also stretches the visual width.

更换MQB Evo平台 全新大众Tiguan谍照曝光

The rear part of the car is still full, with a large number of horizontal lines outlining rich levels. The tail lamp does not adopt the current popular through design, but still has an irregular shape, which is very recognizable. The bottom of the rear enclosure is equipped with a total of four simulated exhaust decorations on both sides, and the real exhaust is still a hidden layout.

更换MQB Evo平台 全新大众Tiguan谍照曝光

In terms of power system, the new Volkswagen Tiguan may continue to provide a variety of gasoline and diesel engines with different displacement, with DSG dual clutch transmission, and optional 4Motion four-wheel drive system. In addition, the new car is expected to launch 48V light hybrid and plug-in eHybrid versions, which are expected to have a pure electric range of 100km. More information about new cars will be continuously followed and reported by Car Quality Network.


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