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Great Wall Motor's New Energy Matrix Appears at the 39th Thailand Auto Expo, 100 Global Dealers Sign Contracts on Site

Publish Date: 2022.12.02

On November 30, Great Wall Motors landed at the 39th Thailand International Automobile Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Thailand Automobile Expo") with a new energy luxury lineup. With the theme of "GWM Light the Future" (Great Wall Motors brightens the future), Great Wall Motors' medium and large commercial luxury SUV tank 500 HEV mass production version and Euler Lightning Cat debuted in Thailand for the first time. 2023 star models of Haval H6 HEV were highlighted. New energy models such as Haval H6 PHEV, Haval JOLION HEV and Euler Hello Cat GT also participated in the exhibition. Great Wall Motors' new energy product lineup, It has achieved fine coverage of Thailand's new energy market, demonstrated the strength of Great Wall Motors' leading intelligent new energy products, and consolidated the position of Great Wall Motors' new energy in the international market.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

By virtue of this exhibition, Great Wall Motors will also hold the 2022 Overseas Dealer Conference in Thailand. On the opening day of this Thailand Auto Expo, more than 200 overseas dealers from more than 50 countries and regions gathered at GWM booth to experience the intelligent new energy products and technologies of Great Wall Motors. The signing ceremony for new franchised dealers was also held on the site, which made a new breakthrough in the global sales network of Great Wall Motors and further enhanced its globalization strength.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

Shi Qingke, Vice President of Great Wall Motors, said: "Great Wall Motors is committed to the path of international development. In order to continue to expand the international market and meet the needs of overseas customers, it will rely on the forest ecosystem of Great Wall Motors and light up the future with more advanced intelligent new energy products."

The new energy product lineup is unprecedented and continues to penetrate the Thai market

"Super streamline pure electric car race" Oula Lightning Cat made its debut in Thailand. With the deep combination of technology and exquisite luxury, Oula Lightning Cat will bring Thai users a unique surprise comparable to the luxury brand experience. The color of Oula Good Cat GT is new, showing a sense of fashion, and at the same time, it also brings elegance to the extreme, so that Thai users can feel the extraordinary pleasure of pure electric travel.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

On site, 2023 Haval H6 HEVs based on DHT technology also became the focus. 2023 Haval H6 HEV brings users a rich experience of intelligent vehicles while achieving efficiency and environmental protection.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

Once the mass production version of the tank 500 HEV, which is positioned as a medium and large commercial luxury SUV, was unveiled, it quickly attracted the attention of the on-site audience. With the pure off-road gene of the tank platform and the powerful "2.0T+9HAT" super hybrid powertrain, the tank 500 HEV has successfully entered the global high-end luxury off-road vehicle market.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

Narong Sritalayon, executive general manager of Thailand marketing of Great Wall Motors, said that in 2023, Great Wall Motors will launch four new energy models in Thailand, providing the Thai market with a new driving experience with excellent safety, intelligence and eco-friendly configuration.

In this auto show, Great Wall Motors met the diversified user needs of the Thai market at different levels, in different use scenarios, and in different product styles with a matrix form and differentiation strategy, and achieved a refined coverage of the market. Another solid step has been taken on the path of continuing to penetrate the Thai automobile market.

More than 200 dealers gather to experience intelligent new energy product technology

Great Wall Motor's powerful intelligent and new energy lineup at the Thailand Auto Expo not only attracted local consumers, but also attracted more than 200 overseas dealers and partners from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In this international platform to demonstrate ecological and technological potential, Great Wall Motors and its global dealer partners witnessed the development of new energy vehicles.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

Dealers from Australia said that the driving performance of Oula Good Cat is very excellent, and its unique shape and comfortable space are impressive. Oula Good Cat will bring about a subversive change to the Australian market pattern.

A newly signed dealer mainly experienced Haval H6 PHEV and said that the hybrid model of Great Wall Motors is unique and an excellent new energy travel solution. Haval H6 PHEV has strong power performance and excellent fuel economy. I hope to bring this car to local users as soon as possible.

At present, the Thai market has become an important fulcrum of Great Wall Motors in the ASEAN market. On December 2, the Great Wall Motors Overseas Dealer Conference will also be held in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time, more than 200 international top dealer groups from more than 50 countries and regions will gather together to study the new development model under the global change.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

Great Wall Motors led a large team to appear in Thailand this time, and opened the 2022 overseas dealer conference in Bangkok, which not only reflects the importance of the ASEAN market, but also is an important measure for Great Wall Motors to speed up its overseas expansion and accelerate its globalization strategy.

Focusing on Ecological Sailing Great Wall Motors insists on localized operation overseas

The rapid growth of the ASEAN market is inseparable from the support of Great Wall Motors' "ecological sea going" strategy. From global R&D, manufacturing, sales to local operation, Great Wall Motors has developed a new ecological path in Thailand, becoming a model for successful operation of Chinese automobile brands in overseas markets.

At the scene, Zhang Jiaming, Vice President of Great Wall Motors and President of ASEAN Region, stressed that Great Wall Motors always adheres to the brand positioning of new energy leadership and differentiation strategy, and constantly brings high-quality products and services, new experiences and cutting-edge technology to Thai consumers.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

At present, Great Wall Motors has successfully launched five new energy vehicles in the Thai market, with more than 13000 users. Great Wall Motors APP has more than 130000 active users and more than 1 million social media fans, which is the benchmark of user growth in Thailand's automobile industry.

In terms of the ecological construction of the whole industrial chain, Great Wall Motors is committed to providing Thai users with a better experience of using new energy by launching G-Charge super charging stations and expanding fast charging facilities in Thailand. At present, Great Wall Motors APP has covered 70% of Thailand's public charging network and formed a complete set of energy system.

长城汽车新能源矩阵亮相第39届泰国车博会 全球百名经销商现场签约

This time, Great Wall Motors came to the Thailand Auto Expo with a heavy lineup, which successfully demonstrated the leading and matrix product strength of Great Wall Motors' ecological sea going strategy and the vitality of localized operation. It also firmly adhered to the "differentiation" idea in the ASEAN market, accelerated its progress to the new energy leader in Thailand, and took this as a new node to accelerate its high-speed march towards a global intelligent technology company.


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