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CBIS2022 | Chen Gang of Orient Securities: Green finance, promising

Publish Date: 2022.12.20

Financial enterprises are following the steps of the country to provide investment and financing support for China's sustainable development, thus fundamentally promoting the transformation of the national economic industry and energy structure.

On December 20-22, the 7th International Summit on Power Battery Applications (CBIS2022) was held in Pudong, Shanghai. Representatives from domestic enterprises and industry institutions leading the industry chain, such as finished vehicles, power batteries, materials and equipment, as well as some foreign enterprises in the industry chain in China gathered here to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on the core issues of the industry chain, such as industrial chain delivery, supply chain safety and security, dual carbon goals and new patterns of global markets, material technology breakthroughs and industrial applications, under the new development pattern.

At the opening ceremony held on December 20, Mr. Chen Gang, Director of Orient Securities Research Institute, delivered a speech.

CBIS2022 | 东方证券陈刚:绿色金融,大有可为

Mr. Chen Gang, Director of Orient Securities Research Institute

The following is the transcript of the speech:

Distinguished Secretary General Liu, leaders of various associations and industry leaders, good morning. On behalf of Orient Securities, I would like to extend our welcome and thanks to all of you.

The International Summit on Power Battery Applications has been held for seven consecutive sessions, and we look forward to your unique views on the innovation, technology iteration and upgrading of the power battery supply chain in the new environment.


This goal requires China to accelerate energy transformation to promote low-carbon, clean and efficient energy, and on this basis, promote comprehensive and systematic economic transformation and upgrading, and help China's scientific and technological progress and green development.

New energy vehicles and power batteries, which are the key to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality, are booming at an unprecedented speed. The wave of electrification is sweeping in. This year's conference will further deepen the mutual communication between new energy vehicles and power battery industry chains, deepen and expand cooperation fields by centering on the supply chain, manufacturing chain and value chain of lithium battery industry in line with the trend of the whole world under the new situation, and comply with the development needs of the times, Accelerate the transformation of achievements and create a better future for the industrial chain.

As a key link in the optimal allocation of funds, financial enterprises are following the steps of the country to provide investment and financing support for China's sustainable development, thus fundamentally promoting the transformation of the national economic industry and energy structure. Under the national call of carbon peak and carbon neutral, Orient Securities will actively start from its own business and operation, continue to perform the responsibilities of the securities company, and help sustainable development.

First of all, our parent company of Orient Securities is Shenneng Group, which is an energy group made in Shanghai. We Shenneng Group attach great importance to green energy and deeply participate in the transformation of green energy. At the same time, we Orient Securities also actively participate in the investment and financing activities of green assets, and continue to provide support for green environmental protection enterprises through direct and indirect financing and responsible investment.

We are well aware that finance must serve the real industry, and green finance is a must answer for all financial institutions, including all securities companies, which is related to the macro-economy and their own future. We must take the lead in layout and devote ourselves to it.

Our securities research institute, as the outpost for securities companies to deeply study the industry and insight into the changes of the industry, has built a bridge for communication and feedback between enterprises and the capital market. At the same time, we also set up Shenneng Oriental Energy Research Institute together with the Group to give better play to our support and internal cooperation. Under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, the development of lithium battery has become an important industrial direction to cope with climate change and build a decarbonized society.

Our Oriental Securities Research Institute will also take this opportunity to invite industry leading enterprises, industry core experts, and capital market investors to jointly discuss the path of new energy transformation and development under the new journey of carbon emission reduction, new planning for industrial development, and new perspectives for investment research.

In a word, securities companies should not only play the role of capital financing, but also provide investment and financing support for the links and areas that promote sustainable social development. More importantly, we should start from our own management to make a modest contribution to the country's achievement of the dual carbon goal in the future.

There is a long way to go, and I will seek from top to bottom. Dongfang Securities is willing to deeply participate in the new round of energy revolution in China with all partners, exert its influence in the field of social responsibility, promote sustainable development, and witness the sustainable development of lithium battery, renewable energy and green economy in China.

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