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Vision of 2023CES: Electric vehicles play a leading role in intelligent travel

Publish Date: 2023.01.03

After being disturbed by COVID-19 for two years, CES will finally return to normal in 2023.


On January 5, CES will open in Las Vegas. It is estimated that 100000 people will attend the meeting. At that time, AutoLab will also send a report team to the scene to bring first-hand information to everyone.

This year's CES, the field of transportation and travel is still the highlight. It is estimated that about 275 mobile travel related companies will participate in the conference, covering a variety of innovative travel products from scooters to spacecraft, while electric vehicles are the absolute protagonist.


Gary Shapiro, Chairman of CES, said, "Since the oil price has soared this year, with inflation superimposed, people regard electric vehicles as a more reasonable means of travel."

BMW and Stellantis Group will focus on the demonstration of electric travel products at CES, and the CEOs of the two groups will also give keynote speeches at CES as guests.


BMW will focus on the new generation electric exclusive platform of Neue Klasse, and present a Vision Vehicle concept car, which will show the appearance design style and technical future of the "new generation" series models.

On the 2022CES, BMW used to shine with the one button color change function of the electronic ink car, which also makes us look forward to BMW's performance on the 2023CES.

Stellantis Group, which has never been too keen on this electric technology, will launch a number of new pure electric models at 2023CES, including the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup concept car, Peugeot Inception concept car and Chrysler brand full range concept car.


The trailer clip released earlier shows that the Ram 1500 Revolution will be a full-size pickup truck, similar to the Chevrolet Sorrod EV and Ford F-150 Lightning.


The interior of the Peugeot Inception concept car will show the concept of a new generation i-Cockpit cockpit. In addition, the new interior design will reshape the driving posture and create a new digital, intelligent and physical comfort experience.


Chrysler has demonstrated the Airflow concept car on the 2022CES, and will bring the latest progress of its commitment to launch the first Chrysler pure electric vehicle in 2025 on the 2023CES.

Volkswagen will hold a press conference in advance on January 3, just before the opening of CES. At that time, ID.4, ID.Buzz and a brand new model of ID family will be displayed, which is likely to be the Aero B with the official image previously released.


The foreign media have exposed the spy photos of Aero B in disguise. This pure electric luxury car may be named ID. 7, and it will make its debut on CES.

Jixing has previously officially released the new model of Jixing 3. On the 2023CES, Jixing will show new technologies through this new model, including Smart Eye Driver Monitoring System (DMS).


The dual cameras of this system can monitor the movements of the driver's head, eyes and eyelids. When the driver is detected to be distracted, sleepy or unconscious, it can send out warning signals, sound warnings and even trigger the emergency braking function.

In addition, we can also look forward to the new electric vehicle products displayed on CES by technology companies. Amazon is expected to bring the electric delivery vehicles built for it by Rivian, and the joint venture established by Sony and Honda is also expected to debut new models.

In addition to pure electric vehicles, there are other mobile travel products worth looking forward to on CES.

Lightyear, a Dutch solar car company, will bring a second-generation product with a range of 500 miles and a cost of less than $40,000.


Bosch will show eBike ABS for electric bicycles, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of travel accidents, and has perfect intelligent systems, such as eBike Alarm anti-theft protection system.


Flying car companies such as Volcopter and Wisk will also bring the latest air travel products at this CES.


In addition to flying cars, we know that it is possible to look at travel tools from space. The Space Perspective stratospheric balloon flight simulator jointly built by Siemens and Amazon Cloud Technology is expected to appear at CES, starting a revolutionary space journey.


Autodriving has been a hot topic in CES in the past years. However, after the cold winter in the industry this year, it may not be as popular as electric vehicles. However, the organizing committee has held an outdoor challenge of automatic driving, which deserves attention.


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