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Liu Yong: Two new products will be promoted. This year, Jetway aims to sell more than 300000 vehicles

Publish Date: 2023.01.04

In 2022, under the severe situation that China's car market is facing a decline and repeated epidemics, Jetway's cumulative sales volume is expected to reach 180000+vehicles. Although this figure has greatly increased compared with 2021. However, Liu Yong, the deputy general manager of Jetway Automobile Marketing Company, said that under the influence of the supply chain and the epidemic situation, there was still a gap between the original target of 200000 vehicles.

"We hope to ensure more than 300000 vehicles in 2023 and achieve leapfrog development. Because of the fierce competition in the automobile market, there is not much time left for such a new brand as Jetway, so we want to promote sales to a new high as soon as possible in the limited time."

刘永:将推两款全新产品 今年捷途目标销量超30万辆

In the future, many models will be built based on the Kunlun Intelligent Hybrid Platform

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, Jetway Dasheng i-DM (parameter image) was officially listed in South China. Jetway positioned it as "the pioneer of China's original intelligent hybrid SUV". How to understand this word?

刘永:将推两款全新产品 今年捷途目标销量超30万辆

During the exclusive interview during the Guangzhou Auto Show, Liu Yong introduced to NetEase Auto that Chery Group is best at positive research and development, which is different from oil to electricity. At the beginning of design, Jetway Dasheng i-DM incorporated all the pain points of hybrid models into the Kunlun Intelligent Hybrid architecture, bringing three core advantages:

First of all, the unbounded electronic architecture can achieve multi-channel, responsive, and super computing power can bring a very superior intelligent experience.

Secondly, Jetway Dasheng i-DM chassis is exclusive to hybrid. It adopts an integrated WCBS wire control chassis. The mechanical signals are replaced by electronic signals for information transmission. The transmitted signals are more accurate and fast, which will enable better performance of the automatic driving assistance function and is more conducive to continuing to upgrade the high-level automatic driving assistance system. In addition, the layout of the entire chassis architecture is considered at the beginning of the design, so the space of the chassis will be very compact, and the structural safety, stability and handling will be improved.

In the design of exterior and interior decoration, it is also born intelligent and new energy. The appearance of Jetta Saint i-DM is mechanical, and it is operated by the former designer of Porsche. The interior upholstery adopts a minimalist style. The biggest feature is the 15.6-inch suspension smart large screen. Basically, more than 90% of the vehicle's functions are integrated on the large screen.

It is reported that many Jetway models in the future will be built based on the Kunlun Intelligent Hybrid platform.

Two new products will be launched in 2023

In Liu Yong's view, the core of achieving the goal of 300000 vehicles in 2023 is still the product. In addition to the help of Jetway Grand Saint i-DM, Jetway will also launch two new models in 2023. In the third quarter, the tough off-road Jetway T-1 will be launched. Although this product is still in the testing stage, it has received no less than 5 enterprises willing to co create and modify with Jetway, and Jetway has high hopes for it. In October this year, it will also launch an A-class SUV aimed at sports and youth. The hybrid version will be launched simultaneously for both new cars. In addition, Jetway will also iteratively upgrade on the basis of Jetway X70 series and X90 series products to jointly support the sales plan of 300000 yuan in 2023.

For the target of 300000 vehicles, Liu Yong also believed that: "After the closure and control of the epidemic, everyone has held for a long time and needs to be released. Therefore, in the first half of 2023, whether it is the" travel+"market or the outdoor market, with the country's economic growth, there will be an explosive growth, which is just the opportunity we can seize."

Deeply cultivate the "travel+" market and link users with emotion

Since its birth, Jetway has been deeply involved in the "travel+" market.

"What kind of products can impress consumers? Can they have empathy and resonance with users? I think it is emotion, so we use emotional communication with users to reflect Jetway's positioning of 'travel+'."

刘永:将推两款全新产品 今年捷途目标销量超30万辆

In terms of products, Jetway closely focuses on "Travel+" to carry out the research, development and design of automobile functions. For example, Jetway Dasheng i-DM is equipped with an umbrella compartment and a travel cooker on the boot storage space, which can meet the cooking needs of users in outdoor camping and traveling at ordinary times, and integrate the lifestyle that users yearn for into the functions of the product itself.

On the other hand, with the help of "Travel+" ecological layout, Jetway has more than 80 partners, including some well-known brands such as Pathfinder, which can bring more than 100 exclusive rights and interests to users. "It is a good way to provide users with a valuable and enjoyable lifestyle, both from the perspective of their own car product functions and from the perspective of creating a 'travel+' ecosystem."

In terms of marketing, Jetway also completed many innovations and explorations in 2022. In Liu Yong's opinion, the new media field is the most noteworthy. Affected by the epidemic, the new media economy, the live broadcast economy and the short video economy are more prosperous. This way can also quickly link car enterprises to users.

"New media has promoted the transformation of digital marketing. We want to accurately understand customers' needs through new media, and then meet their needs. This is the most important thing we need to do through new media now and in the future." From the results, both from the operating value of new media and the operating system of new media, Jetway has reached the forefront of the industry. Many dealers also reduce operating costs by using new media.

After linking to users, Jetway has also made great efforts to provide users with a convincing sales plan. In particular, in terms of finance, considering that users may be affected by the epidemic, Jetway launched financial products with low down payment, long term and low monthly supply, including Jetway Dasheng i-DM in South China, which also has 36 zero interest product packages, to ease users' purchase pressure.

In terms of channels, Jetway is upgrading its experience center, hoping to give the terminal 4S store the ultimate experience and efficiency. It is planned that by the middle of 2023, 600 experience centers will be built in the terminal, which will not only have a grand appearance, but also have an internal functional partition combined with the positioning of "travel+". Through furnishings and displays, users will be able to appreciate the styles of different scenes and feel immersive. "The future of this experiential marketing is also a direction we need to focus on." Liu Yong introduced.

Hybrid market will maintain rapid growth, and Jetway will seize the opportunity

Speaking of his views on the hybrid vehicle market, Liu Yong said that the general trend of new energy and hybrid is irreversible. Now, this market has been very mature by new forces and independent head brands represented by BYD. Previously, the purchase of new energy and hybrid power was for the right of way and policy, but now it has been transformed into experience driven and market driven. Therefore, the market space is large enough, especially in the past 2022, the hybrid vehicle market has experienced explosive growth, with the growth rate exceeding 150%. Therefore, Liu Yong believes that in the future, HYBRID will still maintain a high growth rate, which is much faster than pure electricity and the market trend.

At present, the supply chain cost of new energy is still high, and the national subsidy will decline immediately, which brings some pressure to the cost control of new energy vehicle enterprises. Liu Yong believes that with the continuous improvement of the scale of major enterprises, the overall supply chain cost will gradually move down, forming a cross cost balance with fuel vehicles. This year, along with the efforts of major independent leading brands in hybrid, the magnitude will be improved, and the overall supply chain cost will also be optimized.

In his view, the market pressure will only increase year by year, but each year is full of new challenges and opportunities. "As Autobots, we still have some expectations. In 2023, we will see more opportunities than difficulties. I believe that the hybrid market will certainly maintain a rapid growth this year, and Chery Group and Jetway have made full preparations in terms of technology reserves, resource reserves and product reserves. I believe we can seize this opportunity."


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