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State Administration of Market Supervision: 16000 new energy vehicle complaints and reports will be received in 2022

Publish Date: 2023.03.15

On March 14, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a document saying that in 2022, the national market supervision department accepted 29.4077 million consumer complaints, reports and inquiries through the national 12315 platform, telephone, fax, window and other channels, an increase of 23.5% year on year. Among them, 13.1038 million complaints and 4.7223 million reports were filed, which saved 4.519 billion yuan of economic losses for consumers and effectively protected the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.




  Source: General Administration of Market Supervision


  In 2022, the national market supervision department accepted 13.1038 million consumer complaints, an increase of 43.84% year on year, which was slightly higher than that in 2021. From the perspective of commodity categories, it is mainly concentrated in mobile phones, shoes, outerwear, furniture and automobiles, accounting for 25.61% in total; Prints, dairy products, computer external equipment, air conditioners and bags increased by 154%, 120%, 98%, 98% and 90% respectively year on year.


  Among them, in 2022, the national market supervision department accepted 8.6232 million commodity complaints, accounting for 65.81% of the complaints, an increase of 4.37 percentage points over the previous year; There were 4.4806 million service complaints, accounting for 34.19% of the complaints.




  It is noteworthy that with the rapid increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, consumers' requirements for quality are also increasing. In 2022, the platform received 16000 new energy vehicle complaints, an increase of 62.84% year on year. Among them, contract problems, quality problems and false publicity problems grew rapidly, with year-on-year growth of 126.33%, 77.35% and 75.65% respectively. Consumer appeals focus on: the after-sales service is not perfect, and the commitment of "three guarantees" is not fulfilled; Sudden flameout during driving, oil leakage, abnormal engine noise, brake steering failure, battery module damage; Release false information, induce consumers to sign unfair format terms, and reduce the responsibility of automobile enterprises.


  In addition, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced the recall of automobiles and consumer goods nationwide in 2022, which showed that in 2022, China implemented 204 recalls of automobiles, involving 4.488 million vehicles, a decrease of 12.4% and 48.6% respectively compared with the previous year. Affected by the defect investigation of the State Administration of Market Supervision, 26 recalls were made, involving 1.759 million vehicles, accounting for 39.2% of the total number of recalls in the year. With the increase in the number of new energy vehicles, the number of new energy vehicle recalls reached a record high. A total of 47 new energy vehicle recalls were implemented throughout the year, involving 1.212 million vehicles, accounting for 27.0% of the total number of recalls in the year, with a year-on-year increase of 31.5%. Remote upgrade (OTA) has gradually become an important way to improve vehicle safety. OTA recalls have been implemented 17 times, involving 887000 vehicles, accounting for 19.8% of the total number of recalls in the year. By the end of 2022, China has implemented 2628 auto recalls, involving 95787000 vehicles.


  From the perspective of defect clues, in 2022, the State Administration of Market Supervision received 35896 reports of automobile defect clues from consumers, involving engine assembly (30.7%), electrical equipment (23.3%), body (18.1%), transmission (12.5%), etc. Among them, 4300 new energy vehicle defect clues were reported, reflecting the problems of power battery, motor and electronic control system accounting for 41.9% of the new energy vehicle defect clues.


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