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Promoting the Modernization of China's Automotive Industry - The China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Conference Forum (2023) will be held in Beijing from March 31 to April 2

Publish Date: 2023.03.17

The report of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that we should comprehensively build China into a modern socialist power, achieve the second centennial goal, and comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese path to modernization. The modernization of the automobile industry is an important part of Chinese path to modernization. China is the world's largest country in new energy vehicles, which has laid the foundation for the modernization of the automotive industry. In the new situation of global electrification and intelligent acceleration, how to control the next stage of development of the automotive industry, promote the construction of a powerful automobile country, and explore a road to modernization of the automotive industry with Chinese characteristics is a common concern of industry insiders.


  推进中国汽车产业现代化 ——中国电动汽车百人会论坛(2023)将于3月31日-4月2日在京举办


  Based on this, the China Electric Vehicle Centennial Forum (2023), scheduled to be held in Beijing from March 31 to April 2, will feature the theme of "Promoting the Modernization of China's Automotive Industry", and invite representatives of relevant government departments, industry institutions and leading enterprises in the fields of automobiles, energy, transportation, cities, and communications to gather together, focusing on the development situation of the global automotive industry, the high-quality development path of new energy vehicles, and the development strategy of China's intelligent networked vehicles Several topics were discussed, including the development trend of the supply chain of core industrial chains such as power batteries, the transformation trend of the new generation of automobile consumption, the coordinated development strategy of automobile and energy, the new transportation energy security system, the transformation direction of commercial vehicles, the innovation path of the automotive aftermarket, and the mode of automobile digitization and intelligent manufacturing.


  ● 2 plenary meetings, industry perspective, international perspective, win-win cooperation


  The high-level forum and the international forum are the two "soul" forums that have led the previous forums of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Congress. Each year, they attract high attention and enthusiastic participation from the industry with their high-level topic setting and the participation of prominent guests. High level forums are known for gathering industry decision-makers and producing large amounts of information. International forums widely invite representative international organizations and industry elites from various countries in the new energy vehicle industry, and are renowned for pooling global wisdom and promoting international consensus.


  In 2023, how will the two forums be opened? What important information will it bring to the future?


  On the morning of April 1st, with the theme of "accelerating the transformation of electrification and promoting the green integration of transportation and energy development", the international forum will mainly discuss the new situation and pattern of global automotive energy development; New trends and progress in the integration of global new energy vehicles and energy; New opportunities and new models for global energy and automotive industry cooperation; New technologies and solutions for industrial collaboration; Strategies to promote the ecological construction of green energy supply system and green industrial chain; The medium and long-term path and policy system for accelerating the integrated development of energy and automobiles.


  On the afternoon of April 1st, closely following the theme of this forum, "Promoting the Modernization of China's Automotive Industry", the high-level forum will focus on exploring the path and policy system for high-quality development of new energy vehicles; Top design for the development of China's intelligent vehicle industry; Paths and solutions for the synergy of automobiles with energy, transportation, and cities; Advanced enterprise strategies and major practices. Comprehensively explain and discuss how to better promote the modernization of China's automobile industry from the perspective of the national outline to the practical perception of industry enterprises.


  ● 4 high-end closed door meetings to guide in-depth discussion and solve industry problems


  In 2023, the Hundred People's Meeting Forum will adopt a new mode of holding meetings that emphasizes both open forums and closed meetings, upgrade and create four high-level closed meetings, and strongly invite relevant government departments, enterprise decision-makers, experts and scholars to brainstorm on the hot and difficult issues of current industrial development. With a high-quality closed door discussion atmosphere, it will provide policy makers and enterprise decision-makers with research and judgment on the industrial situation and grasp policy trends, Provide intellectual support to solve industry development challenges.


  On the morning of March 31, two closed meetings will be held concurrently on the first day of the forum. The seminar on the management system and governance system of the automotive industry facing the new situation held discussions on issues such as the regulatory system for intelligent networked vehicles, relevant systems and policies for automotive production enterprises and product access, investment access, and capacity management, China's automotive industry's opening up policy, and the establishment of a policy system for the transition from purchase management to use management of automobiles.


  "Accelerating the Zero Emission Transformation of Commercial Vehicles in China and the United States" will be the theme of the Sino American Transportation Carbon Neutral High End Roundtable, which will invite representatives of governments and enterprises in the field of commercial vehicles in China and the United States to discuss the latest progress in the field of zero emission transformation of commercial vehicles in China and the United States; The direction and major challenges of the transformation of commercial vehicles in China and the United States; Technical path and innovation mode of commercial vehicle development; Future cooperation directions in the field of commercial vehicles between China and the United States; Policy recommendations to promote the development and cooperation of commercial vehicles between China and the United States.


  On the afternoon of March 31, a closed door seminar on the development situation and policies of China's automotive industry and the Council of 100 People will be held. Centering on the theme of promoting the modernization of China's automotive industry, the members of the Council of 100 and representatives of relevant government departments will deeply analyze the industry development trend in 2023, and discuss the policy formulation and path plan for promoting the high-quality development of China's automotive industry behind closed doors.


  On the afternoon of April 2, a closed door round table meeting on global electric vehicle development and policy will be held, with international organizations and representatives specially invited to discuss the latest policies and industrial change trends of new energy vehicles in major countries around the world; Challenges and countermeasures of global automotive supply chain changes; Green and low-carbon supply chain development path and collaborative system; The path for China's automotive industry to integrate into the global market and supply chain system; Opportunities for cooperation in the global new energy vehicle industry.


  ● 9 thematic forums focusing on different topics in multiple fields and precise coverage


  Building a modern industrial system is an inherent requirement to comply with the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and is also a key path to building an automobile power. The automobile manufacturing industry has a large volume and a lengthy industrial chain, involving numerous cross-border fields and thousands of parts manufacturing links. How to understand each field clearly, grasp as much as possible the current situation of the industry, and predict the future development trend is the demand of every automotive practitioner attending the meeting.


  On the morning of March 31, the third Double Intelligence Forum will be held with the theme of "China's Plan for the Coordinated Development of Vehicles and Roads". This forum will invite leaders from relevant national departments, representatives from 16 pilot cities, as well as well-known experts in the fields of automobiles, transportation, urban planning, communications, and senior management of enterprises to participate in a joint discussion on how to create an infrastructure support system that includes roadside awareness, communications, energy, positioning, and computing power, and clarify the construction route of China's plans; How to build a comprehensive urban road traffic system and improve the level of urban management and traffic governance through intelligent means; How to improve technical solutions for different application scenarios such as automobile, travel, traffic management, and urban management, as well as a multi department, cross department, dual intelligence collaborative promotion mechanism.


  On the whole day of April 2, the conference will organize and hold 8 thematic open forums to deepen the automotive industry segmentation field, targeted communication and solve industry difficulties and pain points. At that time, representative entrepreneurs, authoritative experts and scholars in various industries, and innovative entrepreneurs in new technologies and applications will attend the meeting and make speeches.


  1. The theme of the Automotive Market and Consumption Forum is "Technology Leading Consumption Transformation". The communication content includes changes in the automotive market and consumption trends in the era of electrification and intelligence; Brand strategy and digital marketing methods in the new situation; The transformation of traditional brands to new energy vehicles; Progress in the transformation of luxury brands to new energy, and the new layout of new energy luxury brands; Independent brand shipping strategy; New energy brand upward strategy; The path for technological power to empower automotive enterprises.


  2. The theme of the power battery forum is "Building a globally competitive battery industry", which will explore how to consolidate the advantageous position of China's battery industry; Grasp global opportunities and cultivate world-class battery enterprises; Next generation battery and material innovation research and judgment; Improve the whole life cycle management of power batteries, etc.


  3. The theme of the New Generation Automotive Energy Facility System Forum is "Building a New Generation Automotive Energy Facility System, Implementing the National Green Development Strategy", and exploring the construction of a three-dimensional, low-carbon, and intelligent transportation energy service system; Cooperate to promote the supply guarantee and low-carbon transformation of various energy infrastructure; New technologies and models for low-carbon energy infrastructure; Planning and layout of low-carbon energy infrastructure. China's hydrogen infrastructure technology status and investment opportunities, key technologies, construction costs, and operating experience of hydrogen refueling stations, national standards for hydrogen infrastructure, and analysis of safety issues.


  4. The theme of the New Energy Automotive Aftermarket Forum is "Automotive Aftermarket Reform and Innovation Practice in the Era of Electrification and Intelligence", which will focus on the construction of new energy and intelligent automotive aftermarket standards system; New progress in key areas such as new energy and intelligent vehicle testing and evaluation, after-sales maintenance, safety management, insurance finance, transaction circulation, recycling and reuse; New energy and smart car aftermarket service development trends; Opportunities and challenges brought by the transformation of automotive technology path to the post market post service industry; Issues such as technology and business model innovation paths in the post market and post service sectors were discussed.


  5. The theme of the Forum on Sustainable Development of Commercial Vehicles is "Development of the Commercial Vehicle Industry in Deep Transformation". The discussion includes the changes brought by new energy and intelligence to the commercial vehicle industry; Changes brought about by the application of new formats, new models, new technologies, and intelligence in the field of commercial vehicles; The problems and opportunities faced by the new energy commercial vehicle industry after the withdrawal of subsidy policies; Standardized and unified implementation path for new energy and intelligence of commercial vehicles; New technologies and landing applications in the field of commercial vehicle electrification; Intelligent development trend and cross-border innovation of commercial vehicles; Infrastructure construction and layout of new energy commercial vehicles; The development and trend of the aftermarket of new energy commercial vehicles.


  6. The theme of the Automotive Industry Digitalization Forum is "Data Driven and Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry", which will explore the new value derived from automotive data and new business models driven by data; The way in which data enables innovation and upgrading of automotive technology, products, and services; Maximize the release of the full lifecycle value of automotive data under safety compliance; The latest progress, problems and trends of automobile data management in China; Suggestions on improving laws, regulations, and management systems for data property rights, circulation transactions, income distribution, and security governance; The first direction of digital transformation in the automotive industry; Specific areas and implementation paths that can be transformed; How to improve the input-output ratio of digital transformation; Maturity and weakness of the digital transformation of the automotive industry; Pain points and suggestions for promoting the digital transformation of the automotive industry.


  7. The theme of the Intelligent Vehicle Forum is "Progress and Trends in the Intelligent Vehicle Industry", which will focus on the development of key technologies for intelligent vehicles such as chips, operating systems, and domain controllers; The progress of intelligent vehicles entering the mass production stage; Progress and trend of vehicle road cloud integration; Development pattern and innovation path of vehicle and component enterprises; The industrial chain enterprise relationship in the intelligent stage; Issues such as building a new ecosystem for the development of intelligent vehicles were discussed.


  8. The theme of the New Automobile Production Mode Forum (NPS) is "Innovative Practice of New Automobile Production Modes". This forum focuses on the new manufacturing innovation practices of vehicle enterprises; Vehicle manufacturing platform and cost optimization; The application of virtual factory and digital twins in the automotive field; T0 mass production practice in the automotive field; New practice of C2M flexible customization for complete vehicles; Application of digital simulation in the field of automotive research and development and technology; Digital intelligent logistics from production line to vehicle delivery; Issues such as intelligent manufacturing innovation and value for auto parts enterprises were discussed.


  During the same period of this forum, there will also be annual new car exhibitions, industry chain and core components exhibitions, and the release of research reports on major topics that are fully close to industry practice and promote cross-border exchanges, bringing diverse and immersive conference experiences to participants.


  As an annual industry event in the field of new energy vehicles, the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Congress Forum has been held for eight consecutive sessions. Over the past eight years, with accurate theme setting and a high-quality guest lineup, the industry influence of the Hundred People's Fair Forum has continuously expanded, and it has become an industry event of common concern for cross-border industries such as automotive, energy, communications, and transportation.


  From March 31 to April 2, 2023, the 9th China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Congress Forum made an appointment with you as scheduled.


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