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Details will be unveiled within the year, ushering in the exposure of spy photos of the new BMW 4-series coupe

Publish Date: 2023.03.18

Recently, we obtained a group of spy photos related to the new BMW 4-series coupe from relevant channels. As an interim model change, the car will be modified in terms of appearance, interior, and other relevant details.


  将于年内亮相 细节迎来改进 全新宝马4系轿跑车谍照曝光


  In terms of appearance design, the overall appearance of the new BMW 4-series coupe has not changed much from that of current models, and improvements have been made in terms of details. In the front air grille section, the new BMW 4-series coupe retains the large front air grille of existing models, with an aggressive overall design. In the headlight section, the LED daytime running lights adopt an inverted L-shaped design, which is not significantly different from the BMW 3-series model that has just undergone a mid-term modification. The front surround part of the new BMW 4-series coupe features a very complex design, and the lower air intake grille part includes the forward air grille in a V-shaped design. On both sides of the front bumper, vertically arranged brake air guides and multi-layer front heat sinks greatly enhance the sports atmosphere of the entire vehicle.


 将于年内亮相 细节迎来改进 全新宝马4系轿跑车谍照曝光


  On the side of the car body, the brand new BMW 4-series coupe features the iconic sliding back design of the coupe model, with a very elegant overall shape. The front and rear fender parts of the car are very outwardly shaped, with a strong muscular feel. In the wheel part, the new BMW 4-series coupe features large 5-spoke smoked black wheels, indicating the identity of the sports coupe.


  将于年内亮相 细节迎来改进 全新宝马4系轿跑车谍照曝光


  At the rear of the car, the overall shape of the new BMW 4-series coupe is identical to that of current models, with a strong sense of hierarchy and power. For the tail lamp part, the overall styling of the vehicle is not significantly different, and the internal structure has been improved to further enhance the rear identification. The upper part of the rear compartment features a duck tail shape, further enhancing the performance atmosphere. In the rear enclosure, the new BMW 4-series coupe features a dual sided exhaust layout with two outlets, creating a sporty feel.


  In the interior part, the new BMW 4-series coupe adopts a new BMW family design, using a large size full LCD instrument and a large size central control screen to form a dual screen design. The central control screen is built with the latest iDrive 8 car engine system of the BMW brand.


  In terms of power, the new BMW 4-series coupe is still equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged high-power engine, with a maximum output power of 184 horsepower and a maximum torque of 300 Nm; The maximum output power of a high-power engine is 245 horsepower, and the maximum torque is 400 Nm. In the transmission system, the new BMW 4-series coupe is equipped with an 8-speed manual automatic transmission.


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