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Xiaoma Zhixing was approved to open a full vehicle autonomous driving travel service in Beijing

Publish Date: 2023.03.18

On March 17th, Xiaoma Zhixing obtained the first batch of demonstration application licenses for the "unmanned remote stage outside the vehicle" (full vehicle unmanned) in Beijing's high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone, and was approved to launch the full vehicle unmanned autonomous travel service (Robotaxi) in Yizhuang, Beijing. Citizens will be able to access a safe and comfortable "unmanned vehicle" through the travel software PonyPilot+of Xiaoma Zhixing, and the unmanned Robotaxi business model will gradually form a closed loop.


  Since obtaining the test license for "unmanned vehicle remote phase" on December 30, last year, 10 fully unmanned vehicles of Xiaoma Zhixing have been tested for three months on open roads in Yizhuang area. In response to complex scenarios such as intersections and narrow road sections, as well as extreme weather such as rain, snow, sand, and dust, fully unmanned autonomous vehicles have demonstrated the industry's top technical level, truly achieving safety, stability, and zero accidents, Successfully entered an important stage of full vehicle unmanned manned application.




  Xiaoma Zhixing has conducted a full unmanned autonomous driving test in Beijing for three months


  According to the permit, Xiaoma Zhixing can carry out a full vehicle unmanned Robotaxi service within 60 square kilometers of Beijing Yizhuang Economic Development Zone. Citizens can use PonyPilot+to call a truly autonomous vehicle without a security officer in the vehicle, and go to multiple destinations such as subway entrances, key business districts, citizen parks, residential areas, and so on.


  The completely unmanned Robotaxi will undoubtedly bring a unique new experience to passengers. In order to familiarize users with the service faster and enable the public to better feel and accept new technologies, Koma Zhixing has comprehensively updated the service processes at the vehicle end, application end, and passenger end with a "sense of security" as its core. For example, before taking a bus, passengers can find the vehicle they have scheduled based on information such as arrival time and real-time travel location, and confirm their identity before unlocking and boarding. During the driving process, users can communicate with the support specialist in real-time voice in the vehicle to obtain the required support.


  Beijing's high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone has established strict standards to promote the unmanned landing of autonomous driving. In the early stage, Xiaoma Zhixing has obtained permits for different stages such as road testing, demonstration applications, and commercial pilot projects in the "unmanned main driver, accompanied by a passenger seat" and "unmanned front row, accompanied by a passenger seat" stages. This time, we obtained the first batch of "unmanned vehicle" demonstration application licenses, which once again confirmed the leading technical strength of Xiaoma Zhixing.


  With the support of "virtual driver" technology, Xiaoma Zhixing has launched fully unmanned autonomous driving testing and travel services in Beijing and Guangzhou. Prior to this, Xiaoma Zhixing had launched a fully unmanned autonomous driving test in Guangzhou in June 2021, and opened the experience of fully unmanned Robotaxi to specially invited users. In the past two years, Xiaoma Zhixing has been rapidly promoting the application and development of L4 fully autonomous driving technology in various aspects such as testing mileage, algorithm iteration, redundancy design, and service application, and has invested a lot of manpower and resources in polishing fully autonomous driving travel services.


  Automatic driving travel service is the business with the deepest technology accumulation among the three business segments of Xiaoma Zhixing. With the rapid opening of policies and changes in public perception, Xiaoma Zhixing continues to use autonomous driving technology to enable travel, making Robotaxi a highly competitive product in future urban travel options, providing more passengers with a new travel experience that integrates safety, comfort, and efficiency.


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