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Hot Booking | AAPEX 2024- Professional Exhibition Channel for Entering the North American Auto Parts Market

Publish Date: 2024.03.20

  Exhibition Introduction 2024 AAPEX


  The largest automobile manufacturing trade fair in the United States is the annual Las Vegas International Auto Parts Show. The exhibition is organized by the Association of Automobile Repair Services, the Association of Automobile and Equipment Manufacturers, and the Association of Automotive Parts.


  With 1620 exhibitors and over 70000 visitors from over 100 countries and regions around the world, the exhibition is hailed as the most effective trade show in the North American automotive parts industry. As the world's largest automotive after-sales service exhibition and the largest automotive manufacturing trade fair in the United States, AAPEX has received support from the US Department of Commerce.


  As an economic powerhouse and also the number one automobile country, the United States has the economic situation that allows most families to own a car, and the most common new cars on the market are generally priced at around $20000. Although the US economy was greatly affected after the economic crisis, car sales still maintain the top position in the world.


  Visitors come from over 100 countries and regions in the automotive service and retail industry, with over 115000 visitors and 59000 professional purchasers. The exhibition hall is divided into two floors, with the first floor mainly displaying automotive parts, accessories, heavy-duty truck parts, automotive maintenance tools and equipment, electronic equipment, etc. The second floor mainly showcases after-sales service facilities and materials, automotive environmental protection equipment, paint spraying, chemicals, electric system components, emission pollution control system components, machining and vehicle body equipment, etc.


  The three-day exhibition provides ample time and space for exhibitors from all over the world to showcase their new products, technologies, processes, and materials in the field of automotive after-sales service.

  Exhibition Overview 2023 AAPEX

  Market Overview 2024 AAPEX


  In the United States, automobile parts suppliers, automobile parts sellers, and automobile repair service providers form an industrial chain, and car owners choose multiple forms of automobile repair services, so the United States has always maintained its position as the world's top automobile sales.


  1、 The North American market is the world's largest automotive parts demand market, with annual sales accounting for one sixth of the global market. According to public data statistics, the size of the North American automotive parts market in 2023 was $319.7 billion, including $243.9 billion for mechanical parts and $75.8 billion for collision parts.


  2、 Due to the impact of the pandemic and chip shortages, many parts of the United States have been experiencing a shortage of chips and other components since 2021, and car manufacturers are still working hard to solve the problem.


  3、 The American automotive aftermarket has gone through nearly 100 years of history, during which various new products and technologies emerge one after another, giving birth to the wealth miracle of thousands of Americans. Based on current car ownership in the United States, Americans currently have an average of 5000 miles (8000 kilometers) for oil changes and regular maintenance. If this mileage is reduced to an average of 4900 miles, it could increase market capacity by $65 million annually.


  4、 In recent years, the offline growth rate of North American auto parts has only been 3.8%, and the online growth rate is much higher than the offline growth rate, reaching 12%. In the future, online sales of automotive parts will account for over 20% of total sales.

  2024 AAPEX in the US parts market


  According to data from the US Department of Commerce, from January to August 2023, the total import value of automotive parts in the United States reached a historic high of $125.901 billion.


  In order to fight against monopoly, the US government requires vehicle manufacturers to disclose information on component maintenance, and has formulated corresponding laws and regulations, as well as strict certification and quality supervision systems for non original parts. This leads to a high degree of freedom for consumers in choosing spare parts, with around 70% of consumers choosing non original parts for repairs.


  In terms of accessory supply, the independent accessory chain model is the dominant model in the US accessory market, accounting for 50% of the market share. The whole vehicle factory only purchases core key components such as engines from OEM.


  In the after-sales repair and maintenance service system, 4S stores only account for 31% of the market share of accessories. The vast territory of the United States, with numerous car models and common driving habits, has led to a single brand and the inability of heavily invested 4S stores to establish a nationwide maintenance and repair system.


  Exhibition scope 2024 AAPEX


  Powertrain (engine, gearbox, exhaust), chassis (axle, steering, brakes, wheels, muffler), body (sheet metal parts, roof system, mounting parts, car glass, bumper), standard parts (fixed components, threaded and fuse components, sealing rings, rolling bearings), interior (cockpit, instrument panel, airbags, seats, heating system, air conditioning system, electric regulator, internal filter), alternative drive system original equipment/modification/integrated solution (electric drive, CNG, LNG, LPG, hydrogen), charging accessories (plugs, cables, connectors), used for regeneration, refurbishment, and repair of components in passenger cars and multifunctional vehicles.


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