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On September 5th, we invite you to join us at the Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition on a journey to trace the origin of the Auto Parts City, as per the invitation from the purchaser!

Publish Date: 2024.04.24

  The origin of Wenzhou's automotive parts industry can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s. After decades of development and transformation, it has now formed an industrial cluster with a complete industrial chain and high competitiveness.


  September 5-7, 2024,


  China (Wenzhou) International Auto Parts Expo,


  This is a car parts feast belonging to Wenzhou, the world,


  This is a group of enthusiastic and pragmatic auto parts personnel,


  A jointly built automotive parts sharing platform!


  After nearly 4 years of polishing efforts,


  Here we gather 1500 professional component manufacturers,


  Covering chassis and body, material common parts


  Engine parts, electrical components, automotive maintenance, equipment modification, etc,


  Over 10000 products are showcased together.

  The visit registration system has officially opened!


  Take the lead and enjoy VIP services

  Early registration for faster entry


  Pre registration with the audience's real name before the exhibition can save on-site registration time. By completing the pre registration with the QR code, you can directly exchange your badge on-site, enjoy VIP access, and enter quickly.


  Get a free electronic version of the exhibitor directory


  After you attend the exhibition on-site, you will receive a free electronic version of the exhibitor directory, more exhibition inquiries, and quick access.


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  Fill in personal information, complete registration, and share with friends.


  The Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition is like a tree constantly growing upwards,


  Exhibitors have expanded from being mainly local enterprises to a nationwide scale,


  Purchasing companies have shifted from focusing on domestic trade to expanding, experimenting, and exploring foreign trade,


  Every step has left a deep mark.


  ·The first auto parts exhibition in the country to pass the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Union


  ·Wenzhou's first exhibition project led by the government successfully transitioning to market-oriented operation


  ·Zhejiang Province Key Exhibition and Wenzhou City Key Exhibition


  ·Excellent Exhibition Brand in Zhejiang Province


  ·Wenzhou Excellent Exhibition Brand

  Sincerely invite industry enthusiasts to become the recommended officials for the expo,


  Inviting merchants to visit and purchase in Wenzhou from September 5th to 7th,


  Tracing the development history of Wenzhou components.


  Inviting 10 foreign merchants/large trading companies to visit the exhibition in Wen,


  The organizing committee will provide guests with 2 nights of five-star hotel accommodation


  And arrange a VIP dinner


  One large advertising spot on site!

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