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New Car Outlook at Beijing Auto Show: No One Is Easy to Handle

Publish Date: 2024.04.26

  After four years, the Beijing Auto Show is finally about to kick off in anticipation. From the currently known information, we can clearly understand that almost all brands present will produce products with sufficient brand tone and market penetration.


  There are personalized representatives who focus on segmented markets, and there are all-around models that focus on comprehensive upgrades; The latest works brought by the new forces of the next round of car manufacturing include the new generation of new cars that continue the traditional iteration pattern; There are new works that have further reflected on the transformation of electrification, and there are internet celebrity categories that have been introduced due to their stubbornness in the popularity market of gasoline vehicles


  Without any surprises, this year's Beijing Auto Show will undoubtedly become the most trendy large-scale auto show in recent years.


  The gathering of new cars is one aspect that supports this judgment. On the other hand, due to the intense competition in the car market in 2024, various car companies have a more cautious but detailed insight into the future, and thus have made optimal solutions in product planning.


  The Xiaomi SU7, which participated in the auto show for the first time, is facing attacks from new cars in the same class, such as the Zhiji L6 and Jiyue 07, which is a microcosm of this journey of competition. So, the internal battle between North and South Volkswagen under the name of the new Passat and Magotan, the Toyota Sienna, Buick GL8 plug-in hybrid, and new generation MPVs such as the Extreme Krypton MIX and Star Road E08 will jointly cultivate the same market, which will be the key to making people feel passionate


  Next, without further ado, let's take a look at which heavyweight new cars will be welcomed at this year's Beijing Auto Show.


  Extreme Krypton MIX: A New Interpretation of Home MPV

  As the fifth model under the Geely Krypton brand, although it basically continues the latest family style design elements of the Geely Krypton 007 in terms of exterior design, the Geely Krypton MIX is undoubtedly highly recognizable in terms of overall size.


  The Extreme Krypton MIX adopts the minimalist design style of Hidden Energy, which looks relatively round and full overall. The LiDAR is located on the roof, creating a strong sense of technology. The STARGATE integrated smart light curtain has an excellent lighting effect, and the bottom of the front bumper is also equipped with a large-sized black air intake, effectively enriching the visual hierarchy.


  Of course, with the current market situation, it is believed that the potential users targeted by the Extreme Krypton MIX will be somewhat different from mainstream competitors, and family users will be the main audience for this car.


  Dongfeng Mengshi M-HUNTER: Focusing on ultimate performance and personal collectibles

  From the appearance, it can be seen that the Mengshi M-HUNTER will benchmark against the Babos 900 Climber. The new car is equipped with ultra large extreme off-road tires, which have the largest wheel torque in China and the highest vertical obstacle crossing height in China, creating the ultimate hardcore top-level off-road capability.


  The whole vehicle is also equipped with high-energy military grade black technology, and uses expensive aviation grade carbon fiber materials, bringing private customized rare collectibles to top players and social celebrities, the first and only in China.


  It is understood that the Mengshi M-HUNTER can be mass-produced and sold, and its price will pierce the ceiling of China's top luxury off-road vehicles. It will be the most expensive Chinese new energy off-road vehicle at this year's Beijing Auto Show, which will undoubtedly further strengthen the luxury positioning of the Dongfeng Mengshi brand. The powerful all terrain off-road capability of M-HUNTER fills the technological gap of China's top off-road performance vehicles and may set a landmark for China's luxury off-road track.


  Xingtu E08: A New Disruptor of Autonomous High end MPV

  This year's MPV market is particularly lively, and major OEMs have entered a new stage of considering this niche market. For Xingtu, the launch of the E08 concept car may also indicate its desire for the potential of the MPV market.


  Of course, as the first car model jointly created by the Star Road Europe and Shanghai design teams, the E08 also continues the Star Road "Wind Aesthetics" design language and further advances on this basis, perfectly integrating the natural connotations of Eastern culture with the elegant luxury of Western aesthetics.


  From the rendering, it can be seen that the E08 adopts the One Box integrated design concept, with smooth and natural body lines, simple and pure profile, and can achieve ultra-low drag coefficient, bringing users lower energy consumption, higher endurance, and a more comfortable experience.


  BYD Qin L: Comprehensive encirclement of joint venture compact sedans

  The new QinL will be built based on the latest hybrid platform of BYD, positioning medium-sized cars, while the appearance adopts the design concept of "New China-Chic Longyan Aesthetics", and the interior continues the family design scheme of BYD brand. In terms of overall dimensions, the length, width, and height are 4830/1900/1495mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2790m.


  From this, it can be seen that in terms of market positioning, Qin L will fall between Qin PLUS and Seal DM-i. For BYD, such comprehensive coverage of the compact sedan market will be one of the key factors determining whether it can achieve new sales highs this year.


  Looking back on the entire year 2023, BYD successfully achieved its annual sales target of 3 million vehicles, and a large part of this credit should be attributed to relatively affordable models such as the Qin PLUS. Based on this, with the launch of Qin L, BYD is expected to reach a new high in sales this year.


  Changan Qiyuan E07: sedan or SUV? Pure electric new species

  The internal code of Changan Qiyuan E07 is CD701, built on Changan's latest SDA platform architecture, and officially positioned as a "pure electric multi-purpose passenger vehicle.". In terms of appearance, this new car adopts a through type headlight design with a closed grille, smoked black wheels, and a sloping design, making it look more sporty and highly recognizable overall.


  It is worth mentioning that compared to traditional coupe SUVs, the tail of the Origins E07 adopts an open form similar to a pickup truck. The mode of opening up and down separately has its own characteristics.


  In terms of power, according to previous information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Changan Qiyuan E07 will offer two wheel drive and four-wheel drive models to choose from. The two wheel drive models are equipped with a single motor, with a maximum power of 252kW; The front and rear motor powers of the four-wheel drive model are 188kW and 252kW respectively, with a total power of 440kW. Both models will be matched with ternary lithium batteries.

  On this global model, we can see that the second generation of Aion models uses the "AION" logo. It is understood that at this year's Beijing Auto Show, GAC Aion will also announce the official use of the "AION" logo in brand strategy to address the opportunities and challenges of globalization, accelerating Aion's global development process.


  As for the product itself, the official announcement is that the new car will be developed in accordance with global safety standards, usage scenarios, and global user needs. At this level, the application of intelligent technology in new cars will also be higher than the industry average.


  Overall, the new cars unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show are far more than just the above. Among domestic brands, Chery iCAR V23, Looking Up U7, Jihu Alpha S5/T5, GAC Trumpchi GS4 MAX, Changan Shenlan G318, Jiyue 07, BYD Haibao 06, etc., which have previously appeared on the internet, or Geely Galaxy L9, which still embraces the half hidden face of the pipa; Among the joint venture car companies, new cars such as Dongfeng Honda Lingxi L, Changan Mazda EZ-6, Chevrolet Explorer Plus, SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan L PRO, Beijing Hyundai New Shengda, and FAW Toyota all-new Crown will all be present one by one.


  Regardless of whether the market environment this year allows so many new cars to survive, the attitude of various car manufacturers towards the future at this moment must be positive. The Beijing Auto Show is a new milestone, and we hope to see the Chinese car market usher in a noisy but not full of opportunities in the future.


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