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The person in charge of Lamborghini: As long as they comply with regulations, they will insist on using naturally aspirated engines to the last minute

Publish Date: 2020.09.29

兰博基尼亚太负责人:只要合规 会坚持使用自然吸气发动机到最后一刻

    Under the wave of electrification, all auto companies are facing difficult choices. Although most of them have chosen to cater to them, there are still some brands that have chosen to stick to it, such as Lamborghini.

    Francesco Scardaoni, who has just taken over as the head of Automobili Lamborghini's Asia-Pacific region, said in an interview with Tencent that we will continue to use naturally aspirated engines as long as we can still comply with regulations.

    "An important DNA of the Lamborghini brand is to be loyal to our car-making philosophy. One of the most important points is that the power system must match the model. So now Lamborghini's supercars are still using naturally aspirated engines, and we are still the last Adhere to the brand that uses self-priming engines in supercars."

    However, he also admitted that as the emission regulations of various countries around the world become stricter, it will become more and more difficult to achieve this, but we will stick to it until the last moment.

兰博基尼亚太负责人:只要合规 会坚持使用自然吸气发动机到最后一刻

    In Francesco Scardaoni's view, the current pure electric solutions are not yet able to meet consumers' expectations for super sports cars, such as handling, durability and driving pleasure.

    Regarding how to balance Chinese affairs and Asia-Pacific affairs in his new position, Francesco Scardaoni said that he will definitely pay close attention to the Chinese market in the future, because he firmly believes that China is not only one of Lamborghini’s most important markets in the Asia-Pacific region, but also looks forward to China’s Become Lamborghini's largest single market in the world.

    In early 2018, Lamborghini imported Urus into China, and it also brought many benefits to Lamborghini.

    "First of all, Urus has brought us many new customers. About 70% of them are new Lamborghini customers. Secondly, after becoming Urus owners, they will also want to test drive Lamborghini supercars, and then they may become The owner of a Lamborghini supercar, so this has formed a very healthy dynamic."

    In addition, according to Francesco Scardaoni, the average age of Urus owners is slightly higher than the average age of supercar owners. It is worth mentioning that the proportion of Chinese female customers is the highest in the global market.


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