Tesla apologizes to trapped car owners in Shenzhen

publish_time: 2021.06.03

  On June 3, the topic of "Tesla owner trapped in the car was dangerously suffocated" appeared on the hot search.

  The incident was on the morning of May 30, when a Tesla owner was charging the vehicle at a charging station in Shenzhen, the vehicle had a black screen and the door could not be opened. The owner was trapped in the car and was rescued by a broken window. The owner of the car said in an interview with the media, "At that time, the temperature inside the car was getting higher and higher, and the whole person was almost suffocated."

  According to reports, after the car owner was rescued, he immediately contacted the nearby Tesla customer service. Two hours later, Tesla staff came to the scene and said that it might be the battery. The specific reason needs further inspection.

  Picture source: Weibo

  On the afternoon of June 3, Tesla publicly responded to the above incident. Tesla stated that the staff arrived at the scene to determine the condition of the vehicle because the vehicle's 12V battery storage capacity decreased. After contacting the customer and agreeing to connect the vehicle to an external power supply, the vehicle has been driven to the service center for further testing. At the same time, Tesla expressed its sincere apologies again for failing to rush to the scene to assist the customer in the first time.

  In the announcement, Tesla stated that all Tesla models are equipped with a physical door opening mechanism. Taking Model 3 and Model Y as examples, the physical door opening mechanism is located in front of the door and window switches on both sides of the front row. The door can be opened by pulling up and down. This function was tested normally after Tesla personnel arrived at the scene of the incident.

  Regarding the incident encountered by car owners in Shenzhen, Tesla said that since the day of the incident, Tesla has been actively communicating with customers to resolve vehicle maintenance issues. Explained the use of the physical door opening mechanism to the customer, and actively assisted and cooperated with the maintenance of the vehicle. The customer's imported Model 3 was purchased in 2019, and it currently travels more than 91,000 kilometers normally. The two parties are still communicating on customer needs.

  Based on this incident, Tesla reminded the majority of car owners that if the vehicle has a low 12V battery alarm, please deal with it as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of a power outage. If the vehicle fails to open the door with the electronic switch due to a power failure, please remain calm, use the physical door opening mechanism to unlock the door and leave the vehicle and call 400-910-0707 or the local service center immediately.


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