Five departments: Strengthen the supervision of inspection and testing institutions and increase the punishment of false vehicle inspections

publish_time: 2021.06.05

  On May 31, five departments including the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the State Food and Drug Administration jointly issued the "Notice on Organizing and Carrying out Supervision and Sampling Inspections by Inspection and Testing Institutions in 2021" to deploy nationwide inspections The inspection agency "double random, one open" supervision and spot check work, strengthen supervision during and after the event.

  The "Notice" proposes that this year's supervision and spot checks will be deployed in the areas of ecological environment monitoring and motor vehicle inspection to implement key special rectification actions, carry out key supervision, increase the proportion of spot checks, and increase the number of relevant institutions that have serious violations of laws and regulations such as false detections and forged data. Large penalties, and timely transfer to judicial authorities for criminal responsibility, and maintain a high-pressure supervision of inspections and inspections of violations of laws and regulations.

  The "Notice" makes arrangements for the annual supervision and spot checks of national-level qualification accreditation inspection and testing institutions and provincial-level qualification accreditation inspection and testing institutions. State-level supervision and spot check plan organized and implemented by the General Administration of Market Supervision to inspect 300 institutions (including 80 national quality inspection centers), focusing on spot checks on motor vehicle inspection, ecological environment monitoring, land and resources inspection and testing, water conservancy and water quality monitoring, and medical device protective equipment inspection and testing , Food inspection and other fields. The provincial market supervision department will, in accordance with the requirements of the "Notice", cooperate with relevant provincial-level industry authorities to formulate an annual "double random, one open" supervision and spot check plan for the region based on actual conditions, highlight key areas of supervision, strengthen joint supervision, and give full play to the comprehensive Supervision has joined forces to intensify investigations and punishments in accordance with the law.

  The "Notice" requires that inspection and testing institutions should enhance their sense of responsibility, conduct self-inspection in a down-to-earth manner, conduct in-depth investigations of hidden risks, conduct systematic risk analysis, and take targeted measures to effectively prevent, avoid, and reduce risks.


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