Further standardize OTA recall filing, manufacturers need to provide "information sheet"

publish_time: 2021.06.05

  On June 4, the Quality Development Bureau of the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a supplementary notice for the filing of remote automotive upgrades (OTA) technical recalls. The supplementary content stipulates that when the manufacturer uses the OTA method to record technical service activities or recalls, it is necessary to submit the "Automotive Remote Upgrade (OTA) Safety Technology Evaluation Information Form".

  The "Information Sheet" contains information about the producer and vehicle, as well as OTA type, upgrade release time, upgrade cycle, upgrade demand source, upgrade implementation purpose, upgrade failure handling mechanism and other information, covering all stages before, during and after OTA.

  Specifically, in accordance with the "Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Further Strengthening the Supervision of OTA Technical Recalls" (Shi Jianzhi [2020] No. 123), in order to further standardize the filing of OTA recalls and strengthen safety technology assessments, The supplementary notice is as follows:

  1. When the manufacturer records technical service activities or recalls using OTA method, it is necessary to submit the "Automotive Remote Upgrade (OTA) Safety Technology Assessment Information Form" (hereinafter referred to as the "Information Form"). For the requirements for filling in the "Information Form", please refer to "Auto Remote Guidelines for Completing the Upgrade (OTA) Security Technology Assessment Information Form (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide").

  2. If OTA is implemented from January 1, 2020 to before the issuance of this notice, the producer shall supplement the "Information Sheet" within 30 working days after the issuance of this notice. If the OTA is implemented after the issuance of this notice, the producer shall submit the "Information Sheet" and the electronic version upgrade package within 5 working days before the OTA is released.

  Technical service activity record and recall record are submitted through the National Integrated Management Information Platform for Defective Automobile Product Recall. The "Information Sheet" (scanned and electronic version of the stamped version) is submitted via email (vrecall@dpac.org.cn). The electronic version upgrade package will be mailed to the Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration on CD-ROM.


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