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Established in 1996, changzhou dechao auto electric machine factory has passed iso9001-2000 quality management system certification. Our geographical communications developed convenient, with relevant scientific research and technical personnel, strong capital, and a solid foundation. In the past ten years, the social and economic benefits of our factory have been rapidly changing with the pace of reform and the virtuous cycle of production and management, which makes our products of shengda brand, qinglian brand, bailing brand and deruk-brand electromagnetic switch gradually develop toward branding, diversification and internationalization. Our factory take the quality as the fundamental, the product quality as enterprise behavior always major factors, the latest trend, according to the changing market to develop a series of more mature products, and strict testing means, through the national quality and technical supervision departments of quality standards, and are produced abroad nearly mature market network, management has to be sincere to the service of the good, well received by users, products are exported to the United States, southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


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Address: No. 6-7, qinglian road, niutang town, wujin district, changzhou city, jiangsu province

Website: http://www.dechaodianji.com