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Company Profile

Ruian AiNaTe Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional car auto tensioner manufacturer. Company is mainly engaged in automobile fan tensioner tensioner pulley and timing of the design, development and production of products covered by Volkswagen, Audi, General Motors, Opel, Daewoo and other signs and cars nearly a hundred products.
The company has tons of high-injection die-casting machines, automatic injection molding machines, CNC lathes and various model presses, hydraulic machines, vehicles, various types of milling machines and other production and testing equipment. Since its inception in 1989, adhere to the standards of manufacturing all kinds of OEM products, the company has the professional and domestic brands of large companies have established a good working relationship.
Our sophisticated manufacturing and professional services to meet and exceed customer needs.


Contact: 张万里

Tel: 0086-13967706656

Email: dino.zgant@zgant.com

Address: Ruian City, Zhejiang Province town of Chao-Ping Yang Technology Industrial Park (the Village)

Website: http://www.zgant.com