WENZHOU SHENTAI AUTO PARTS CO., a joint-stock enterprise with advanced technology.complete and excellent equipment as well as high quality employees.We are engaged in the business of developing,designing.producing and managing of metallic corrugated pipes.Our company produces flexible pipes for various automobile exhaust systems.The pipes are mountrd in the exhaust pipes between the exhaust manifold and muffler in the engine so that the whole exhaust system is connected flesibly,reduce the shock and noise and prolonging the life of exhausting and muffling systems.Our main models include:(1).Two-layer corrugated pipe covered with steel net for light-weighted cars and mini-cars.(2).Two-layer corrugated pipe for heavy vehicles and big buses(one end with fixed flannel and the other end with moveable flannel)."Quality first,customer first,credit first",we sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to choose our products and come to discuss with us.


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