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  Ruian jilong automobile electric appliances co.,Ltd. was astablished in 1998 and is a professional production of automotive electrical and automotive components businesses. Production is “Jilong ” unlicensed vehicle accessories are More than 250 species,more than 400 product specifications, and product quality in domestic and overseas markets have enjoyed a better reputation. The company has always adhered to “improve the quality Relying on science and technology,and stability depend on the quality of management”business philosophy, the production of high- quality starter and armature , and other automotive components . Technical means Superscript developed countries have reached similar levels in the domestic market has been gradually replace imported products . Since China’s entry into the “WTO” , the Company actively explore overseas markets , products far Pin Southeast Asia,Africa, Europe and the United States, and many other countries and regions , growing huge marking network . The company has taken the lead in obtaining ISO9001 international quality system certification, and ongoing TS16949 test run . The city govement and the strong support of the joint efforts of all employees , the company has developed into one of reseach and development ,manufacturing and marketing acpacity in the intagration Modern enterprise . The company’s technonlogy is strong , with domestic and foreign advanced processing equipment , the introduction of a variety of automotive electrical dedicated production line .


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