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The C round alone has integrated the horizon 7 times, and is it going to be listed on the Hong Kong stock market?

Publish Date: 2021.10.12

Recently, according to foreign media reports, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that Horizon is considering changing from a US stock IPO to a Hong Kong stock IPO, and is cooperating with consultants to study the possibility of listing in Hong Kong as soon as next year.


   Although the person familiar with the matter also added that the relevant plans are still in the preliminary stages, and Horizon has not yet made a final decision on the site conversion. But "reasonably" is that the horizon of sufficient funds has been raised, and it is time to embark on the "journey" of the IPO.



  Horizon was established in July 2015. It is an autonomous driving chip supplier and an artificial intelligence solution provider. Its main areas include chips, systems, software and hardware products based on AI algorithms.


   As far as the automotive field is concerned, Horizon is positioned as Tier 2, and technically has the obvious characteristics of "soft and hard integration"; in terms of ecological concept, Horizon is calling out the slogan of "full Velita".


Perhaps it is precisely because of this "service-oriented" concept that Horizon has made many "friends" in the industry; on the other hand, Horizon also relies on the continuous iterative upgrade of the Journey series of chips and the matching software platform. It has gradually established a reputation as a "Chinese car core" in the industry.



  The well-known "new forces" are wise and ideal, old car companies SAIC, Hongqi, GAC, and major parts suppliers Bosch, Continental, etc., are all partners that Horizon has made in the "car circle". Another point worth mentioning is that under the intentional "management" of Horizon, an ecological circle dominated by "important new car parts" is gradually being established.


   When the "software-defined car" is increasingly accepted by major auto companies, how to make the "soul" better drive the "body" will naturally become a new topic in the industry. Therefore, what Horizon is working hard to promote now can also be seen as a kind of precaution for the future.


From the strategic cooperation between Horizon and Lidar manufacturer Hesai Technology, to the joint development of pre-integrated and mass-produced solutions for advanced assisted driving (ADAS) and high-level autonomous driving with NXP Semiconductors, to the Tier 1 giant mainland The group jointly established a joint venture company focusing on overall solutions for intelligent driving software and hardware.


   In fact, the mind of Horizon is very simple: to connect chips, algorithms, and important sensing sensors more closely to better practice "software-defined cars" and get further development.



Of course, for the horizon, the continuous iterative journey and the Rising Sun series of chips, the self-developed Bernoulli, Bayes, Nash and other chip architectures, and the supporting "Tangong Kaiwu" AI software development platform are the only ones. The real barrier lies. It is also because of the existence of these "hard-core" technologies that the current horizon has developed by leaps and bounds.


   Just in September, at the 3rd World New Energy Vehicle Conference (WNEVC) just past, Dr. Liming Chen, President of Horizon briefly mentioned the achievements of Horizon in the past year:


As of September 2021, the shipment of Horizon Journey series chips has exceeded 500,000; signed pre-installation cooperation projects with 14+ car companies; based on the latest Journey 5 chips, it has already cooperated with SAIC, Great Wall, BYD, Nezha, Lantu, etc. Automobile manufacturers have reached an intention to cooperate in mass production for the first time.


   In fact, the ability to obtain such a large number of chip shipments and the cooperation of many auto manufacturers are also a manifestation of Horizon's technical strength. In the same way, the outstanding performance of Horizon in the industry is also the reason for many capitals. Under the dual background of car building craze and chip shortage, there are reasons to favor Horizon.



   is difficult to define, just the C round of financing has melted the horizon 7 times, what is the current valuation. But earlier, Boss Yu (Yu Kai) once said that if Horizon (can) IPO, the company will have at least 60 billionaires.


   Although the Horizon official has not yet responded to the listing of Hong Kong stocks next year. But it is not difficult to foresee that when the "sun" rises on the "horizon", its "journey" is full of light.


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