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In the test drive of Geely New Binyue, is it necessary to talk about "steel gun properties" for small SUVs?

Publish Date: 2021.10.18

    The 100,000 yuan family car has always been a battleground for independent brands. In this market segment, there are no shortage of players with monthly average sales of the "ten thousand car club". Geely Binyue is such a product. 

    Since its launch on October 31, 2018, the cumulative sales volume in 34 months has exceeded 370,000, and it has long been among the top three monthly sales of small SUVs. Based on 370,000 users, Geely’s new Binyue was officially launched in August this year.

    New styling design, 7.9s acceleration to 100 kilometers, better-use L2+ intelligent driving, Geely Galaxy OS system and other configurations make Xin Binyue have a good competitiveness.

    The most worth mentioning is the power. Geely’s new Binyue is equipped with three sets of power combinations of 1.5TD+7DCT and 1.4T+6DCT/6MT. The 1.5TD version accelerates 7.9s per 100 kilometers, and the 1.4T power combination further takes into account power and fuel economy. The power configuration is very rich among the models of the same level. 


    According to Geely’s official description, the new Binyue is considered to be the model with the most steel cannon attributes of the 100,000 class, and is called "Chinese steel cannon" because this car not only has a new track mode, but also supports ejection and start. Optional sound wave kit, the original four-exhaust exhaust is also very eye-catching, relatively rare in this class of models. 

    Is it necessary to emphasize its power performance in the small SUV market segment that focuses on home use? In fact, every consumer group has some requirements for the power of the vehicle. For Xin Binyue, if these data on power are placed in the small SUV market, the superiority of driving control performance is relatively speaking.


    In terms of driving mode, this car is divided into NORMAL comfort mode, SPORT sports mode, and ECO economy mode. The exhaust sound in sports mode can be turned on or adjusted according to different scenarios.

    In the actual driving experience, the start frustration caused by the jitter of the three-cylinder engine of this car still exists. Considering the attributes of the mobile home, the three-cylinder engine does have its own advantages in fuel economy, or consumers do not care about the engine so much. How many cylinders in the end.

    The biggest keyword in terms of control experience is balance. Its steering characteristics have been set for multi-wheel adjustments. The free turning angle of the steering wheel is controlled within 8°, and the steering sensitivity is set to 1.5 g per 100 degrees. , The steering feel enables novices to drive with confidence, and allows old drivers to feel the driving pleasure of a human-vehicle integration. 


    Secondly, in terms of intelligent configuration, the new Binyue has also done as much as possible. The L2 intelligent driving system has added RPA remote control parking and the first ELKA lane emergency avoidance function of the same level, which can realize the detection of a collision risk on the edge of the road. , The vehicle automatically avoids, and supports the FOTA upgrade of the whole vehicle. The panoramic image has also been upgraded to a 540° panoramic image, and a 180° chassis perspective function is added to the 360° image, allowing the driver to grasp the front, rear, left, right and road conditions of the vehicle in the car.


    When the speed is lower than 30km/h, the system can complete the monitoring of the steering blind zone, which can expand the driving vision to a certain extent. The new Binyue is equipped with the Geely Galaxy OS system developed based on the E02 platform, with a 12.3-inch high-definition smart screen. The new UI interface design is also a popular flat style. The Geely Galaxy OS system and Baidu map navigation can be updated online all the time.


    A few years ago, 100,000-yuan family cars generally adopted modest design and dull power. Now, as the overall strength of independent brands improves, they have begun to have the capital to flaunt sports performance. The new Binyue has a good price-performance ratio. Both the interior and the driving quality are not inferior to joint venture models such as Honda Binzhi and XR-V. It is its biggest ambition to challenge joint venture models of the same level.


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