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Business! During the epidemic, North American online sales of auto and motorcycle products rose instead of falling~

Publish Date: 2021.11.20

  The recent global new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought to companies, in addition to uncertain prospects and huge pressure, there are also rare business opportunities. If you seize it, there is hope to achieve "curve overtaking" and grow stronger.

  Here, the editor will introduce in detail the rare business opportunities related to a class of commodities: auto and motorcycle products. Specifically, there are seven strategic categories in the field of auto and motorcycle parts: bumpers; wheels; exhaust systems; brake discs; control arms; car seats; air-conditioning compressors and clutches.

  According to e-commerce related data reports, we can see the following trends:

  ✔In recent weeks, the overall sales of auto parts have increased significantly, and the sales of the seven strategic categories have grown particularly prominently. The demand for traditional high-growth products of the motorcycle accessories category on the e-commerce platform US site has not been greatly affected by the epidemic, and the sales of carburetor, wheels, and batteries are still strong;

  ✔ Lifting products and filter products show signs of recovery, and continue to pay attention to determine buyer demand trends;

  ✔Due to the impact of home isolation, the growth of maintenance and cleaning products has maintained good conditions. Auto and motorcycle parts sellers still have many sales opportunities under the epidemic.

  The following article will analyze the above seven strategic auto parts categories from multiple dimensions. Sellers can prepare goods according to relevant information to seize opportunities firmly.

  Seven strategic auto parts categories

  1. Bumper

  The number of people buying bumpers online has gradually become the mainstream, and bumper products are differentiated and the trend of long tails is obvious. As a high-potential category, bumpers have a global market (online & offline) growth rate of 2.3% each year.

  For Chinese sellers, the unit price of this product is relatively high and the profit is good.

  [Bumper demand features]

  ☑Industry scale: The size of the bumper market in the global after-sales market exceeds US$11 billion, with an annual growth rate of 2.3%

  ☑ E-commerce scale: high ranking, good potential

  ☑ Advantages of Chinese sellers: bumper products are produced by many export companies in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces in China, and the unit price is relatively high, and the profit is good

  [Some best-selling models with bumpers]

  2. Wheel hub

  The demand for wheels is large, the turnover rate is high, and the demand for personalized installation is high. During the winter tire replacement period (August-October), there will be a wave of small sales peaks, and sales are usually good.

  The global wheel hub scale exceeds US$82 billion, of which China and Southeast Asia produce more than 70% of the world’s wheel hubs, and the supply chain has obvious advantages.

  ☑Industry scale: The global wheel hub scale (original factory + after-sales service) exceeds US$82 billion, of which passenger vehicles account for 70% and light commercial vehicles account for 20%

  ☑ E-commerce scale: E-commerce platform ranks among the top categories, and the category growth trend is good, and the behavior of end consumers to buy wheel products online is also increasing

  ☑ Advantages of Chinese sellers: China and Southeast Asia produce more than 70% of the world’s wheels, and the supply chain has obvious advantages

  Qualified wheel publications can quickly increase the conversion rate, ensure that your product publications have all the necessary information, and provide clear pictures to display products.

  3. Exhaust system

  Exhaust system because of the particularity of assembly sales, sellers are required to have professional purchasing capabilities and have a certain ability to control safety issues related to vehicle performance.

  The annual global market (online & offline) growth rate of exhaust system is 6%, and the unit price is very considerable.

  【Features of exhaust system requirements】

  Exhaust system mainly includes exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, muffler and three-way catalytic converter.

  ☑Industry scale: The global exhaust system (original + after-sales) market has exceeded 84 billion U.S. dollars, with an annual growth rate of 6%

  ☑ E-commerce scale: super-strong online modification category, high unit price.

  ☑ Advantages of Chinese sellers: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Taiwan are areas where exhaust system production is concentrated, and products made in China are cost-effective

  【Part of the best-selling models with scheduling system】

  4. Brake disc

  The number of people buying brake discs online has gradually increased, but brake discs have higher requirements for safety, so relevant safety certifications are required for the products.

  Brake system is the largest business in the traditional industry of auto and motorcycle parts, with a global after-sales scale of more than 25 billion U.S. dollars.

  【Features of brake disc requirements】

  ☑Industry scale: Brake systems are one of the largest businesses in the traditional industry in auto and motorcycle parts. The global after-sales scale exceeds 25 billion U.S. dollars. Almost all European and American repair shops can replace brake discs for car owners.

  ☑ The scale of e-commerce: the global key categories of e-commerce platforms, the number of European and American consumers buying brake discs online is increasing rapidly each year

  ☑ Advantage of Chinese sellers: China's B2B annual export volume exceeds USD 5 billion (disc + film), of which Shandong, Zhejiang, Liaoning, and Hebei account for 80%

  The window of auto and motorcycle accessories, your overseas window

  Cross-border e-commerce is looking for the window of auto and motorcycle parts

  5. Control arm

  ☑Industry scale: The global after-sales control arm market has exceeded 5 billion U.S. dollars. Large European and American auto parts chain companies have complete product coverage under this category.

  ☑ E-commerce scale: One of the world's most important and fastest-growing chassis categories is a battleground for professional giants. As the age of European and American cars continues to increase, the demand for chassis, especially control arms, is also rapidly increasing.

  ☑ Advantages of Chinese sellers: Zhejiang is the largest production base of chassis products in China and even the world. There are a large number of export-oriented enterprises in Yuhuan, Wenzhou, Ruian, Ningbo and other places that produce control arms for export to Europe and the United States.

  [Part of the best-selling models of control arms] (Take the United States as an example)

  6. ​​Car seat

  Seat components and assembly product markets have considerable potential, and the automotive after-sales market has strong demand for seat-related products. For the time being, the product supply is relatively inadequate, and it is a strategic category worthy of investment by sellers.

  【Features of car seat requirements】

  ☑Industry scale: The global size of car and truck seats exceeds US$80 billion. North American cars often have a strong demand for seats in the after-sales market due to their older age and modified culture.

  ☑ E-commerce scale: A strong classification of in-car categories, strong buyer demand, and relatively insufficient product supply.

  ☑ Advantages of Chinese sellers: Jiangsu and Taiwan have a rich source of goods. Combined with the 2020 eBay promotion policy, the seat is a strategic product worthy of the seller's investment.

  【Part of the best-selling models of car seats】(Take the United States as an example)

  7. Air-conditioning compressor and clutch

  Compressor, as a key component of automobile air conditioner, is one of the decisive factors affecting the performance of air conditioner. The increasing domestic demand for compressors in the United States has provided absolute market demand for compressors, and the increasing demand has caused a shortage of compressor supply. As the season changes, there is a seasonal peak in sales of air-conditioning compressors (May-July).

  ☑Industry scale: The only seasonally relevant category in the strategic category, with strong sales in summer from June to August. The overall after-sales scale of automobile air conditioners exceeds 10 billion U.S. dollars, of which air-conditioning compressors and clutches are the main replacement products.

  ☑ E-commerce scale: One of the fastest-growing seasonal categories, with larger category sizes and higher profits, suitable for rapid expansion of cross-border sellers.

  ☑ Advantages of Chinese sellers: China exports more than US$1 billion in air-conditioning compressors and clutches every year and is a major producer. Jiangsu, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong and other places are the industrial belts of air-conditioning compressors.

  [Some of the best-selling models of air-conditioning compressors and clutches] (take the United States as an example)

  Auto and motorcycle accessories products can be sold through Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, AliExpress and other e-commerce platforms. Among them, many sellers have chosen to focus on the development of e-commerce AliExpress in recent years, because this virgin land has less competition and lower commissions, just like Amazon and eBay many years ago. In comparison, the number of sellers and products on the AliExpress online platform is small, and the products sold cover all aspects of life, and the market potential is huge. "Window of Auto and Motorcycle Parts" is committed to providing high-quality operation and after-sales service for merchants who wish to settle in AliExpress, and helping merchants enter overseas platforms. "Window of Auto and Motorcycle Parts" connects high-level cross-border logistics to ensure that products of Chinese merchants can still be delivered to consumers quickly and accurately during the epidemic, provide consumers with a retail standard shopping experience, and help sellers win a good business Word of mouth, sustainable and healthy development.


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