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Guangzhou Auto Show car company technical information inventory

Publish Date: 2021.11.25

  On November 19th, the 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition opened. The theme of this year's auto show was "New Technology, New Life". In response to this, many car companies brought the latest technological achievements. In addition to autopilot technology and smart cockpits that have attracted much attention, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to vehicle platforms, power technology, battery technology and other directions.

  1. GAC AION LX Plus is released, equipped with "sponge silicon negative plate battery technology", and the next generation of electronic and electrical architecture-Xingling architecture debut

  On November 19, GAC AION LX Plus made its global debut, equipped with its self-developed "Sponge Silicon Negative Sheet Battery Technology", with a cruising range of up to 1008km.

  At present, silicon with higher theoretical capacity has become the next-generation anode material recognized by the market. Ningde Times, Guoxuan High-Tech, Wanxiang Group, and BYD are all stepping up the research and development and trial production of silicon anode system batteries. After several years of technical research, the GAC team took the lead in overcoming the application problems of silicon anode materials in large-scale power batteries, and realized the first application of high-capacity silicon anode materials in large-scale power batteries.

  Sponge silicon anode sheet battery technology is a technology group involving more than 50 patents in fields ranging from battery anode and cathode materials, binders, pole piece design to process production and manufacturing, including "Nano Composite Silicon Technology" and "Auto Advanced technologies such as "Repairing Binder Technology" and "Gradient Composite Coating Technology" have achieved a 20% reduction in the volume of lithium-ion batteries and a 14% reduction in weight. This technology makes the silicon negative electrode sheet inside the battery soft and elastic like a sponge, so that the expansion and contraction of silicon during charging and discharging are limited and buffered, and it will not be broken. At the same time, it also acts like a sponge to absorb water, allowing the silicon anode to take advantage of its large capacity and store more energy.

  In addition, it is reported that GAC Ion will build an independent battery cell production line by the end of 2022, and self-developed battery cell technologies such as magazine batteries, super-speed batteries, and sponge silicon negative plate batteries will achieve independent mass production.

  At this auto show, GAC’s next-generation electronic and electrical architecture, the Xingling architecture, was launched globally, which can realize plug-and-play hardware and frequently updated software. At the same time, GAC’s pure electric platform GEP will evolve to the third generation, combined with GAC’s Xingling electronic and electrical architecture, and launch a new product in 2023, which can realize plug-and-play hardware and frequently-used software. It is the first to bring intelligent assisted driving into L4. Class new era.

  The Protoss architecture is composed of the three core computers of the car's digital mirroring cloud, central computing computer, intelligent driving computer, and infotainment computer, as well as regional controllers that support pure electric and hybrid control, and are built with technologies such as high-speed Ethernet and 5G. The electronic and electrical architecture of the integrated centralized computing of the car and cloud.

  2. Leappower releases LEAP POWER "Upgrade" intelligent power technology

  At the 19th Guangzhou Auto Show in 2021, Leappower Technology officially released its LEAP POWER "Upgrade" intelligent power technology, and announced the official release of Leappower C11 four-wheel drive performance version.

  LEAP POWER's "Ascend" intelligent power technology is composed of two systems: intelligent electric drive and intelligent battery. It has the core characteristics of full-cycle, full-scenario deep learning and can evolve, which can bring a safer, more comfortable and more efficient user experience , And make the electric drive can be upgraded through OTA throughout its life cycle.

  3. Light Orange Era launched its first technology platform-the first-generation pure electric platform EEZI STEP1.0

  At the Guangzhou Auto Show, the light orange era launched its first technology platform-the first-generation pure electric platform EEZI STEP 1.0. Products based on this platform will adopt cage body structure, flexible chassis and battery pack design, and cover many Expansion of all-electric models in different levels.

  The light orange era said that with the support of the EEZI STEP1.0 technology platform, the vehicles built by the light orange era can travel 200 kilometers in 8 minutes and strengthen the anti-attenuation ability of the winter endurance.

  4. Xiaopeng Motors G9 made its global debut and has undergone a revolutionary reconstruction in hardware architecture, software architecture, and communication architecture.

  Xiaopeng G9 officially made its global debut. Xiaopeng Motors has revolutionized the hardware architecture, software architecture and communication architecture of Xiaopeng G9, creating a new generation of X-EEA 3.0 electrical and electronic architecture. In addition to the X-EEA 3.0 electrical and electronic architecture, Xiaopeng G9 is also equipped with the XPower 3.0 power system. It is the first mass-produced car based on the 800V high-voltage SiC platform in China.

  5. Dongfeng Nissan launches models equipped with Nissan's e-POWER range-extended hybrid power system

  Dongfeng Nissan’s e-POWER hybrid power technology has landed and launched the Sylphy e-POWER model equipped with Nissan’s e-POWER range-extended hybrid power system. The declared fuel consumption value of the new car is 4.1L/100km, and the full fuel mileage may exceed 1000km.

  The e-POWER power system adopts a working mode of 100% fuel power generation and 100% pure electric drive. It is a 100% electric drive system. The engine is only used for power generation and never participates in driving the car. The generator and battery provide electrical energy throughout the process. The e-POWER is equipped with a high-power professional motor, which can output the maximum peak torque of 300N·m at the start stage, with a drive efficiency of 96%, and an acceleration of 0-50km/h in only 3.8s.

  At the same time, e-POWER carries out energy management from the system level, realizing the efficient collaboration of intelligent power generation system, power battery and drive motor. 3.9L.

  The biggest difference in the e-POWER hybrid power architecture is the battery. The e-POWER hybrid technology uses a set of small-capacity battery packs with flash and flash function. The battery pack only collects and releases the remaining energy during the vehicle startup and kinetic energy recovery process, and it does not participate in the vehicle itself. Driving for a long time.

  6. Many car companies launched new products built on a platform

  Volkswagen has launched six ID. pure electric vehicles based on the MEB platform in China. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, the Toyota bZ4X built on e-TNGA also announced more technical details; Kia released an E-GMP based on pure electric vehicles. EV6 and EV6 GT-line built by the platform, and announced the introduction of 11 electric models within 5 years; Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda also brought e:NP1 and e:NS1, and SAIC GM built mass production based on the Autoneng electric vehicle platform. The Cadillac LYRIQ debuted in China for the first time.


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