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Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V landed in "Guanghan Palace" with "walking alone on the moon", and the moon exploration version of Qichen big V was officially launched

Publish Date: 2022.07.30

What a vigorous day! The earth is too hot. Going out is like being roasted by fire. Let's go to "Guanghan Palace" to calm down? On July 29, the summer blockbuster movie "walking alone on the moon" was officially released, and the solitary moon, enjoying the "cool Guanghan Palace", became the second highest in the world. As the official partner of the film, the earth's Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V lunar exploration version has also been officially launched. It is ready to march to the moon, land synchronously with "walking alone on the moon", and start an imaginative "lunar exploration journey" with "solitary moon".

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

At the live broadcast of the launch of the lunar exploration version of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen V, the brain hole was full of imagination, and the scene of "Moon" in the film was truly reproduced in the venue. Wu Yue, the chief commodity expert of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger car company Qichen business headquarters, and Zhang Maohua, the assistant head of marketing department of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger car company Qichen business headquarters, incarnated as "Dugu Yue" and "Dugu Mao", Perform a "cosmic" interaction with the film's protagonist "Dugu Yue".

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

Panwenbin, executive director of the Guangdong Astronomical Society and vice president and associate professor of the school of Geographic Science and remote sensing of Guangzhou University, explained the moon driving skills in a fancy way, and how to ensure "thousands of roads, safety first" when the gravity is only one sixth of the earth. Kakashi, the partner of poison tongue IP and the editor in chief of Sir film, called and praised the big V lunar exploration version from the plot of the film. The golden sentences appeared frequently on the scene and exploded repeatedly, vividly showing the "lunar exploration equipment" specially customized for young people, Zao, the lunar exploration version of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big v.

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

Zao for you, explore not alone

I love you walking on the moon alone and the way you don't kneel. No matter how unexpected your life is, you should always carry your home court. In the film, "Dugu Yue", as the "last human in the universe", brings hope to human beings on earth. Even in the face of great difficulties, he firmly believes that he "will not die so easily". This big V spirit, which is not afraid of difficulties, dare to challenge, optimistic and confident, has cured the spiritual internal friction of many movie fans. What the movie's hilarious plot expresses is exactly the current attitude towards life of young groups. Even if you are ordinary, you should dare to be yourself, but also have a long-term ambition, not afraid of hardships, and strive to pursue your dreams. Even ordinary people can always stand up like Dugu Yue at the critical moment. "If there is a play, try it", a line tells their life motto.

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

Being your own big V in life and controlling your own pace of life is the spiritual core that Qichen big V has always advocated, which has aroused deep resonance among young groups, which is highly consistent with the values shown in the film "walking alone on the moon". On this basis, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen and walk alone on the moon happily joined forces to become an official partner, launching the lunar exploration model, encouraging more young consumers to bravely fight in the "sea of stars", accompany more young consumers to explore together, and work hard to create hope in life.

More V experience, creating exclusive lunar exploration "equipment"

"The universe is so big, we will meet again"! Since its listing in September last year, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen V has successfully gained the love and recognition of young consumers. Now, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen V has launched the lunar exploration version again, bringing consumers a more handsome, larger, cooler and more value-added car experience, and further meeting the travel needs and imagination of young users.

Big V is more handsome: exclusive moon exploration elements show cool personality

Inspired by the movie plot, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V lunar exploration version perfectly reproduces the heroic posture of "Dugu Yue" with the moon exploration pull flowers and streamer pedals. The vehicle has a more cool shape and a more handsome appearance.

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

In the interior, the 1.7 ㎡ ultra wide-angle light curtain brings an invincible perspective, and the roof atmosphere of the Xinghe sky curtain is full, creating a "sea of stars" for the passengers in the car, and "Ma Lanxing" has to knock on his helmet three times.

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

Big V is bigger: wide space to create an easy exploration journey

Every exploration should be well prepared. Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V lunar exploration version has the largest 1520l suitcase, no matter how many "equipment" can be easily stored; The 1917mm ultra wide body creates a comfortable riding space, and even the strong "King Kong mouse" can easily enjoy the journey time.

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

The big V is cooler: it is efficient and takes into account the power and fuel consumption

To explore the unknown is to gallop and expand the border. Dongfeng Nissan Qichen V lunar exploration version adopts Qichen v-power alliance power and is equipped with 260t automatic transmission power system. The 1.5T high-efficiency engine has a maximum power of 140kW, a maximum horsepower of 190ps, a maximum torque performance of 260n • m, an official 100 kilometer acceleration result of 8.8s, and the Ministry of industry and information technology's 100 kilometer fuel consumption of only 6.6l, realizing an efficient balance between fuel economy and power.

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

Big V is more value-added: halve the purchase tax and increase the overbearing welfare

At present, when the State implements the purchase tax halving policy, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V series can enjoy the purchase tax halving, and at the same time, it also brings an extra benefit of 3000 yuan insurance fund, further improving the quality of consumers' cars.

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

After July 29, when consumers go to the store to buy Qichen Da V full range models, they only need to pay 4000 yuan for the installation fee to obtain the lunar exploration model; Old car owners can also go to the store to "upgrade" their favorite car to the lunar exploration model, and join hands with Qichen V to open their own "universe exploration".

东风日产启辰大V携手《独行月球》登陆“广寒宫” 启辰大V探月版正式上市

Set sail happily, join hands with popular film IP to explore youth

As the "pioneer" and "sharp knife company" of Dongfeng Nissan to explore youth, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen continued to talk to young groups in a way that interested them. Since this year, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen brand has established closer and more interesting links with young consumers through various means, such as the listing of the dark horse version, the "great beauty China V travel all over the world" City V force life guide activity, and the trendy game modification challenge.

The launch of the lunar exploration model is another insight and interpretation of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V to the new generation of young consumers. Together with the hot summer movie IP "walking alone on the moon", Dongfeng Nissan Qichen V takes this opportunity to strengthen the casual communication with young groups and shorten the distance with young consumer groups. In the future, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen V lunar exploration version will walk with more young consumers on the road of life exploration, share the joy of achieving goals, and write a new chapter in life with them!


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