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Oil prices have fallen for three consecutive times, and the electric vehicle market may usher in a wave of price cuts!

Publish Date: 2022.08.02

The century old automobile industry may not have thought that its rivals, in addition to the vast number of electric vehicles, also have continued to rise in oil prices. The power source of fuel vehicles finally puts it in an awkward position.

In 2022, 10 of the 14 oil price adjustments were price increases, and No. 92 gasoline also rose step by step from 7 yuan to 9 yuan. Even traditional fuel vehicle companies will use high oil prices to publicize their new models with higher pricing and positioning when they launch hybrid models.


Coincidentally, with the rise in prices of semiconductor components from power battery raw materials to chips, electric vehicle companies have also had to raise their guidance prices, and even some car companies have raised prices twice in a row, which seems to be a matter of course. The sales of electric vehicles continued to grow. The cumulative sales of new energy narrow passenger vehicles in the first half of the year was 2.247 million, an increase of 122.4% year-on-year.

With the recent three consecutive falls in oil prices, although the oil price is still above 8 yuan, few people seem to talk about the injury of high oil prices. With various tax incentives and consumption stimulus policies, the fuel vehicle market has brought more price concessions than ever before.

At the same time, the new energy vehicle market may also usher in a wave of price cuts, or more directly, price concessions, which is the cost reduction brought about by the gradual expansion of scale and volume, and is also the inevitable result of intensified market competition.

Although the new energy vehicle market led by Tesla, BYD and Wei Xiaoli has shown unprecedented vitality, with the large-scale entry of multinational car companies such as Volkswagen and Toyota, and traditional car companies such as Geely and Chang'an into the new energy vehicle market, this still small market has attracted too many participants.

Talking about the price reduction of electric vehicles, we are most impressed by Tesla's magical price adjustment. Now model 3 and model y can start with about 300000 yuan. With the brand as the goal and new participants in the Chinese auto market, the electric vehicles of independent traditional auto companies have undertaken the historical task of popularizing electric vehicles from the beginning.

The application scenarios of electric vehicles in our daily life are taxi and online car hailing and other operation markets, from BYD, Geely, Xiaopeng to ai'an. Electric vehicles in this unique way enable online car Hailing practitioners to have a better income, and also make our mobile travel life more comfortable and beautiful.

Wei Lai, ideal, BBA and other brands are oriented to the high-end market, and the operation market is indeed the most entry-level market for electric vehicles. It does not need too many functional configurations, but only needs to be simple and durable to ensure sufficient mileage and driving safety. This has also become one of the fastest ways for electric vehicles to achieve scale. It is not one of them. It can be seen from the successful development path of BYD and gac-e'an.

When the sales volume and cost form a virtuous circle, we can see the recurrence of Tesla mode, and more users will obtain electric vehicles with lower purchase and use costs.

It may be said that the price reduction of electric vehicles will be more sensitive. After all, although the price war is direct, it is a relatively primitive market competition strategy, which will also have an immeasurable impact on the whole industry. Therefore, it is relatively easy to accept it as preferential and promotional policies.

Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen ID and Xiaopeng automobile of luxury car companies are all introducing different degrees of time limited preferential policies for car purchase. Whether electric vehicles enter the stage of intensive technical iteration and model upgrading, or more car companies and models enter the market, clearing inventory and sales pressure all make the price concessions of electric vehicles possible.

Although the subsidy for electric vehicle purchase is gradually reduced or even cancelled, the tax reduction policy for electric vehicle purchase has also been extended.

After the free license plate, the intelligent function represented by the auto drive system, and the high use cost of fuel vehicles caused by high oil prices, electric vehicles that need continuous flow may have to find a new way to survive, and price concessions are a direct and realistic way.

Looking back at the development history of the fuel vehicle market, although the guiding prices of major models have maintained a certain stable range, the functions of vehicles are constantly evolving, and the cost performance of vehicles is getting higher and higher. This is the advantage brought by scale and volume, and it is also the result of the coordinated development of vehicles and surrounding industries.

For the small-scale electric vehicle industry, which is still in the stage of rapid renewal and iteration, with the joint efforts of the whole industry, such as the large-scale application of power batteries, and the independent vehicle enterprises backed by the fuel vehicle industry chain standing at a higher starting point, electric vehicles will enter a new stage of development.

From "high price" to "high value", electric vehicles will also usher in a new image, and users and the market will also be able to re understand this emerging thing, which is not only an extension and supplement of fuel vehicles, but a new and independent market.

With the oil price falling for three consecutive times, electric vehicles may experience a change from price increase to price reduction. I believe that the majority of electric vehicle enterprises are ready to see whether users and the market are ready. This will also be a domino in the new energy vehicle market.


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