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E'an released a new LOGO and high-end brand, with 1.286 million pre-sales of the first super car

Publish Date: 2022.09.16

On September 15, Aian released a new brand logo - "AI Magic Arrow", and launched a new high-end brand, Hyper Haobo. At the same time, Hyper SSR, the first model under Hyper, opened the reservation, with the pre-sale price starting from 1.286 million yuan.

E'an, which aims to become the world's top three "high-end intelligent electric vehicle brands", will participate in market competition with a more independent attitude.


Brand moves towards a new era of comprehensive high-end

The design inspiration of the new "AI Magic Arrow" LOGO is derived from the English logo "AION" of Ai'an, which is the combination of A and I. It opens thousands of inspirations from AI, deduces "upward AI, upward technology", is a totem of love and wisdom, and also implies that Ai'an will take off better


All models under the brand new high-end brand "Hyper Haobo" will adopt the "AI Magic Arrow" logo, and apply the top technology in the aerospace field to launch a series of products including supercar, coupe, SUV and MPV. The first product is the Hyper SSR, which is positioned as supercar.

Hyper SSR's 100km acceleration time is only 1.9 seconds, breaking the 2-second acceleration performance limit. Its two gear four in one high-performance motor is characterized by the realization of instantaneous high power through gear shifting, which solves the volume and weight contradiction caused by the simple superposition of motors.


The peak torque on the 12000 Nm wheel brings 1.7G of strong push back feeling comparable to that of rocket launch. The comprehensive horsepower of 1225 horsepower is 1.5 times higher than the F1 race standard. The same 900V silicon carbide chip of high-speed railway not only improves the working frequency by 2.5 times, but also greatly reduces the power consumption by 80%.

At present, Hyper SSR has enabled reservation. Among them, the pre-sale price of Hyper SSR is 1.286 million yuan, and the pre-sale price of Hyper SSR Ultimate track version is 1.688 million yuan.


In addition, in order to further promote automobile science and technology to a new height, Aian also established the "Haobo Scientific Research Laboratory" with China Aerospace. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in the development of new batteries, motor drive technology, aerodynamic design, new materials, AI control, high-precision positioning, satellite remote sensing technology and other fields, and the subsequent achievements will be applied to the products of Ai'an.

Sprint the first share of new energy science creation

The independent operation of high-end smart electric brands has become the only way for independent brands to make progress. In the recent new energy capital drama, the "national team" has gradually moved to the front of the stage.

In August, Avita Technology completed round A financing, with a financing scale of nearly 5 billion yuan and a post investment valuation of nearly 10 billion yuan. Then, Zhiji Automobile also completed the signing of the first round of market-oriented financing agreement, with a post investment valuation of nearly 30 billion yuan. Not long ago, Lantu Automobile disclosed its first external equity financing since its establishment.

The major traditional car enterprises scrambled to speed up the incubation of electric brands, and a slot war started quietly.


On September 6, GAC E'an New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was officially established. The completion of shareholding reform means that Aeon has obtained the qualification of listed subject. According to the plan, Ai'an will land on the science and technology innovation board in 2023 and sprint for the first share of the new energy science and technology innovation board.

From November 2020, when the brand began to operate independently to the completion of shareholding reform, GAC E'an only took two years.

In August 2021, Egan announced the official launch of the mixed ownership reform, and started the integration of new energy enterprises' business R&D capabilities and business asset restructuring. In November of the same year, the company completed asset restructuring and realized the integration of "research, production and marketing".


In March this year, Egan completed equity incentive for employees, established a long-term incentive mechanism, and fully stimulated the vitality of the system. In August, the new round of war and capital increase project of Ai'an was officially listed in Guangdong Joint Property Rights Trading Center, and the round A war was launched.

Five years after its establishment, backed by Guangzhou Automobile's Ai'an, it has gained the trust of more than 350000 car owners with a compound annual growth rate of more than 122%


From January to August this year, the cumulative sales volume of GAC Aian exceeded 152300 vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of 134%. Among them, the sales volume in August reached a new high of 27021 units, a sharp increase of 133% year on year, breaking through 20000 units for four consecutive months, and the average selling price of products exceeded 180000.

After the World War A was launched, Ai'an has become a joint-stock technology enterprise with GAC Holding, employee equity participation, collaborative innovation of core value chain and social capital, and has taken a road different from the development model of new forces and traditional automobile enterprises.

Dongfang Wealth Securities Research Institute believes that GAC Ai'an may benefit from the state-owned background and joint venture experience of GAC Group, accelerate the integration of the supply chain of electric intelligent core parts, rapidly accumulate experience in technology development and mass production through self research, joint venture and cooperation, and boost the qualitative change of operating efficiency by leveraging mixed transformation, forming the top echelon competitiveness of electric intelligence.


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