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How can China's auto industry rise again? China International Fair 2022

Publish Date: 2022.11.08

How foreign brands come in, we should go out.

As the world's first national level exhibition with the theme of import, what exactly is the Expo for everyone?

Ordinary people immerse themselves in it and exclaim: "It cost them all to eat and drink. If you don't control yourself, you can get drunk in the National Convention and Exhibition Center", "There are too many innovative and interesting black technologies", "The world is amazing...". In the dazzle and incomprehension, if you are the first time to feel the Expo, you will enter the Grand View Garden like Grandma Liu.

From the national level: "Five years ago, I announced that the purpose of holding the Expo is to expand opening up and make China's big market a great opportunity in the world. Now, the Expo has become a window for China to build a new development pattern, a platform to promote high-level opening, and an international public product shared globally."

Whether for the superstructure or market behavior, the Expo can make all participants feel its charm.


It is reported that this year's Fifth International Expo will have six exhibition areas, namely "food and agricultural products, automobiles, technical equipment, medical devices and medical care, service trade and consumer goods". Hundreds of new products, new technologies and new services will be displayed, many of which are the first in the world, Asia and China.

The biggest ability to enter the Expo is to make "exhibits become commodities, and commodities become popular". Therefore, the auto exhibition area is the loneliest among the signing voices. First of all, the auto exhibition area is not superior in scale. Secondly, the rise of high frequency auto shows and CES takes on more traffic of cars. In addition, cars play a more important role as large low-frequency consumer goods than consumer action.

If only from the perspective of the auto industry, even though the auto exhibition area entering the Expo this year is not as lively as other exhibition areas, we can still find a lot of inspiration from it.

It's necessary to show muscles

The importance of China's automobile market in the world is self-evident, especially with the rapid development of domestic automobile brands in recent years, foreign automobile brands have felt unprecedented pressure. Therefore, this Expo is the best show for these foreign auto brands, trying to arouse Chinese consumers' perception of these brands.


Among the more than 20 exhibitors in the auto exhibition area, 15 international brands participated in the exhibition. Almost all of them have brought the latest electric products. About 90% of the exhibition vehicles are new energy vehicles, as well as classic derivative models and dynamic concept vehicles. Among them, there were 3 global launches, 7 Asian launches and 22 Chinese launches.

In fact, due to various reasons, the things brought by these international car companies also have a greater sense of classification.

For example, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, Janisis, Nissan and Ford are mainly engaged in the demonstration of mass production vehicles. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that Volvo and Janisis have not yet enjoyed the implementation of the latest technical achievements relying on their parent companies. However, the electrification technologies and products of Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Ford have already been released. At this time, just show them again.

BMW and Mercedes Benz among luxury brands are similar to the above enterprises, but they are slightly different because BMW i7 and Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 4MATIC "Red Pig" paint these models that have not been seen with consumers. Of course, if Tesla is regarded as a luxury brand, people around Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid are suspicious of life.


Compared with Tesla's latest auto products, more people want to see Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot of Tesla. It is reported that Tesla Bot can "learn" human beings through motion capture. Unfortunately, the Tesla Bot at the Expo is just a model and cannot be started at all.

However, the concept of Tesla Bot is enough to shock everyone. Once Tesla Bot is mass produced and applied, those AI science fiction movies that have been seen before will become reality. On the contrary, under the influence of Tesla, Chinese enterprises should also make breakthroughs in this subdivided field. Therefore, someone on the microblog @ Yu Chengdong said that if Tesla Robotics appeared in the Expo, Huawei Robotics should also make more publicity.

While Tesla is looking into the future, car companies like General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai Kia are now based on the present.

General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota and Hyundai Kia showed the most advanced electric products of these three enterprises, and Toyota and Hyundai Kia showed all the technologies being developed and advantageous. Here we can see the past of these two enterprises and speculate their future, unless one day they change their development strategies.


It is worth mentioning that Mobis, an auto parts company under Hyundai Motor, also opened another exhibition stand. Ordinary consumers do not have a deep perception of this enterprise, but it should be noted that Mobius has formed stable cooperation with BYD, Geely, FAW, Dongfeng, BAIC and other car enterprises, and is promoting cooperation with Chery, Chang'an, Great Wall and other car enterprises.

In addition, Honda is special. As a company with four major businesses: automobile, motorcycle, power products and aircraft, Honda only displayed one electric vehicle that has been mass produced, the second concept car of e: N series and two electric motorcycles in this Expo. If all brands are showing their muscles, Honda may suffer a little.

In general, the display contents of each brand are different and distinct. However, from technological strength, the latest products, cross-border extension, human care, to future technology and so on, this is the concentrated evolution history of automobile products. These car companies with a long history are worth learning from Chinese auto brands in terms of both hard power and soft power.

From introduction to going global

It cannot be denied that there is an objective time dimension gap between China's automobile industry and developed countries in Europe and the United States. However, industrious and intelligent Chinese people have narrowed these gaps step by step. When electrification has become a development trend, China's automobile industry has also become a leader from a follower.


Like countless innovators, it is hard to avoid detours on the road of leading. "Take the essence and discard the dross" is an important manifestation of Chinese wisdom. Although China's automobile industry is speeding up, we still need to learn from the sustainable and healthy endogenous strength of these automobile enterprises from their development history of more than 100 years.

For the creation of luxury brands, the whole industry chain and globalization, Chinese automobile brands need to be polished carefully. The luxury attribute of Mercedes Benz and BMW does not depend on the configuration and materials. The emergence of Mobius has also put a test on a single automobile manufacturer, and the launch of Chinese automobile brands has reached a critical moment.

Fortunately, BYD, "Weixiaoli" and other brands also have the ability of high premium, the beehive of Great Wall has begun to take shape, and the export of SAIC has reached a new high. The Chinese automobile industry has begun to show a new vitality. In the competition with foreign brands, it is not only the Chinese market, but also the number. One day, it will face each other on the international stage in a more complex situation.

After visiting the BYD booth at the Paris Auto Show, French President Makron said that Europe "must wake up" to the competition between the United States and China in the field of electric vehicles and take strong actions to respond. This shows that China's automobile industry, as a former student, has begun to try to grab business on the teacher's site.


Although there is a word difference between export and sea going, their meanings are quite different. Chery, Geely, Great Wall and BYD, from the previous CDK assembly to the foreign factory building, design and research and development, are on the way back to a century old car enterprise. Therefore, an important point of view is that the role of China's manufacturing industry in going to sea should change from exporting products to exporting industrial capacity, and from simply selling products to technical cooperation.

Judging from the large domestic auto exhibitions in recent years, Chinese auto enterprises have not lacked large-scale booths, but also displayed many concept cars, new technologies and visions of the future. However, in some foreign auto shows, most of the Chinese auto enterprises still focus on mass production vehicles. Therefore, if Chinese brands want to go global, they cannot leave the original intention of brand building and international thinking, and put it into practice.

Today, whether it is an industry giant with profound internal skills or a fledgling brand, China's automobile industry is not only more creative, but also has built its own vertical supply chain system to create a technological moat. Therefore, how foreign brands come in, we should go out. It is time for Chinese auto enterprises to launch a counterattack.


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