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Practicing "Chinese speed, German quality", Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. achieved warm and closed

Publish Date: 2022.11.22


Group photo of members of the Economic Management Committee of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. during the warm closing ceremony

On November 21, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. held a ceremony of partnership and warm closing. With the successful completion of warm sealing, the construction process of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will also enter a new stage.

In just five months, the main building structure was completely capped, one month ahead of the original schedule. Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is interpreting "China's speed" with practical actions. Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. not only represents Audi's new benchmark in digital, lean and sustainable production, but also shows the accelerated implementation of Audi's electrification strategy.


Aerial view of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd

"The miracle of speed is the result of joint efforts." Shi Ruizhe, CEO of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., said: "The guidance of efficient teamwork and high standard digital solutions, as well as the strong support of the Jilin government, allow Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. to win time and set a new benchmark for Sino German cooperation."


CEO Mr. Shi Ruizhe explains Chinese speed and German quality

"German quality takes advantage of China's speed, making Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. the most unique industry leading edge." Dr. Wen Zeyue, President of Audi China, said, "Through Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., we hope to further expand Audi's lineup of electrified products in China, and work with local partners to produce parts and develop the latest technology in China, so as to build the future PPE model into a new generation of intelligent electric vehicles for the future."

Forging a new benchmark for smart enterprises based on digital strategy

At present, the global automobile industry is undergoing tremendous changes. As an important core of Audi's promotion of electrification strategy and localization strategy in China, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. can rapidly advance its construction pace, which is inseparable from the extensive application of digital technology. From the whole enterprise construction to the whole product life cycle, digitalization has been deeply rooted in the development of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

For example, the BIM (Building Information Modeling) management system can ensure the efficiency and quality of the project and form a complete closed-loop from monitoring to execution. High precision point cloud data at the construction site can be obtained through 3D laser scanning technology, and can be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation. Based on digital technology, Ingolstadt's construction experts can visit remotely and communicate with Chinese colleagues at any time.

Digital technology will be infiltrated into every link to fully demonstrate the quality pursuit of German Department of excellence. Relying on digital solutions, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. closely cooperates with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to gather 19 world-class supplier teams to ensure the warm, closed, high-quality and efficient construction of the enterprise's production base.

Achieve excellent intelligent manufacturing based on Industry 4.0 standard

Through digital construction, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will ensure efficient production. At the same time, it implements the concept of intelligence into the whole process of production and manufacturing, and builds a smart enterprise with a digital IT architecture network system and a super enterprise cloud system. The IT architecture interconnects all equipment, products and maintenance, thus realizing the efficient linkage of the enterprise. The cloud system is linked with the enterprise interior to improve the flexible production capacity; Get through to suppliers and accurately predict production; Connect users and shorten the delivery cycle. This not only improves the production speed and transparency, but also improves the efficiency and quality to a new level.

In the future, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will also realize lean production from a high degree of automation. In the aspect of driverless transportation system, through AGV intelligent scheduling algorithm, combined with the advantages of AGV intelligent warehousing in the express industry and the particularity of automobile process production, we will achieve high automation of large volume parts distribution in the welding workshop, reaching the leading level in the industry. In the core process workshop, more than 1000 robots will be used to operate the production, and the number of operators in the same shift will also reach about 1000, with a ratio of 1:1, greatly improving the automation rate. Designed according to the standard of Industry 4.0, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will become a global benchmark enterprise.

Green sustainability runs through the whole value chain

Adhering to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. always takes the concept of sustainable development as the first principle of project construction, and firmly and consciously supports the priority of ecological protection. Under the guidance of Audi's global "Mission: Zero", the entire production base uses green energy to create an intelligent, efficient and green travel future in a new way.


Mission: Zero

For example, on the roof of the production base, the solar photovoltaic system will be used, with an estimated total area of more than 300000 square meters and an annual self generating capacity of more than 30 million kWh; In terms of heat energy supply, green and clean production is realized by using biomass fuel; In terms of water recycling, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will form water closed-loop management through advanced treatment of biofilm and RO membrane to achieve efficient recycling of water resources. Practice the concept of circular carbon reduction in depth with practical actions.

As an important part of Audi's concept of sustainable development, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. also pays attention to biodiversity. In the future, different vegetation will be planted in the production base to improve the diversity, stability and sustainability of the ecosystem and achieve harmonious coexistence between the production base and nature. Achieve carbon neutrality when putting into production, and deepen the commitment of "in China, for China" with practical actions.

Diversified enabling to build a sustainable and prosperous ecology

Talent is the soul of an enterprise and the key to the future. Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will establish an international talent development and operation system to attract a large number of international talents. At the same time, Audi has adopted the highest global standards to build a training college, improve the training system, and cultivate highly skilled talents. Moreover, the enterprise will create more employment opportunities in the future. It is estimated that a team of 3000 people will join Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will set up a supplier exclusive park around it to attract more excellent suppliers, hoping to build a green industrial chain with it and drive the upgrading of the entire industrial chain. Finally, an industrial ecosystem centered on the new energy production base of Audi FAW will be formed to promote the construction of a new pattern of green and better life circle.

The Chinese market is of great significance for the implementation of Audi's electrification strategy. By building a production base, building a sustainable supply chain system, gathering high-end talents and other initiatives, Audi will continue to strengthen localization and implement the vision of "in China, for China". The efficient promotion of project construction is just another example of Audi taking root in the Chinese market and being confident in the long-term development of the Chinese market.

Under the guidance of "Audi China's aggressive 2030 strategy", Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will join hands with all partners to accelerate progress and build a model of win-win cooperation between China and Germany. Boost the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry towards electrification and sustainability.


The Economic Management Committee of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. will jointly build a world-class enterprise


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