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CBIS2022 | Gao Yanmin, former Director of the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Power batteries face the practical requirements of upgrading quality brands

Publish Date: 2022.12.20

If power battery enterprises want to survive in the fierce competition, they must pay more attention to the development of quality brands from a strategic perspective

On December 20-22, the 7th International Summit on Power Battery Applications (CBIS2022) was held in Pudong, Shanghai. Representatives from domestic enterprises and industry institutions leading the industry chain, such as finished vehicles, power batteries, materials and equipment, as well as some foreign enterprises in the industry chain in China gathered here to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on the core issues of the industry chain, such as industrial chain delivery, supply chain safety and security, dual carbon goals and new patterns of global markets, material technology breakthroughs and industrial applications, under the new development pattern.

At the opening ceremony held on December 20, Gao Yanmin, former director of the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a speech.

CBIS2022 | 工信部消费品工业司原司长高延敏:动力电池面临品质品牌升级的现实要求

Gao Yanmin, former Director of the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The following is the transcript of the speech:

First of all, I would like to congratulate the summit and take this opportunity to exchange views with you on the core topics of this meeting.

First, the power battery industry has entered the stage of common development of lithium battery, lead acid battery and hydrogen fuel battery.

In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles and lithium electric vehicles has a rapid growth trend. The growing demand for lithium batteries has brought new opportunities for the development of the lithium battery industry.

The development space and potential of the lithium battery industry are also constantly expanding and releasing, which further brings about the continuous iterative upgrading of lithium batteries and promotes the lithium battery industry to enter a rapid development stage. In addition to the significant increase in the proportion of lithium batteries in the power battery industry, lithium batteries have also performed well in the field of small and medium-sized energy storage in the past two years, with a very rapid growth rate.

The lead-acid battery is the basis of the power battery industry. After more than ten years of standardized access management, the industrial concentration has been greatly improved, the technical equipment level has gradually approached the international advanced level, and the environmental protection level of the industry has been significantly improved. At the same time, lead-acid batteries have great advantages in cost, stability, safety and recycling, so they still occupy a large share in the power batteries of electric bicycles. Moreover, lead-acid batteries still have an irreplaceable position in the application fields such as starting, large energy storage, etc.

With the introduction of the development plan for the new energy industry in the next 15 years, the development of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells has risen to the national level. In particular, with the development of new energy cells, the development and release of hydrogen fuel cells have received the attention of local governments and are vigorously promoting, providing a rare opportunity for the development of the hydrogen fuel cell industry.

At present, China's hydrogen fuel cell industry is still in the initial stage of development, and there is still a long way to go before hydrogen fuel cells can reach a real degree of industrialization. Recently, the development of sodium ion battery has attracted attention, and may occupy a place in the field of power battery in the future.

Second, the power battery faces the realistic requirements of upgrading the quality brand

At present, although power batteries represented by lithium batteries have made great progress, power battery enterprises must pay more attention to the development of quality brands from a strategic perspective if they want to survive in the fierce competition. Enterprises should have a long-term vision, formulate a development strategy based on core technology and supported by quality brands, establish a brand concept of quality first, strive for perfection, and constantly improve product quality and added value.

The height of a brand depends on the quality of its products, and the upgrading of product quality is the core essence of brand upgrading. In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, digital intelligent manufacturing has been promoted and applied in many industries, and has become a trend. Digital intelligent manufacturing can greatly improve product innovation capability and help enterprises reconstruct new development models by virtue of digital means.

The machine overcomes the uneven product quality caused by the high and low professional skills. Digital intelligent manufacturing can greatly improve the product quality, greatly improve the product consistency, and produce higher quality products, which further enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise, thus making it possible to upgrade the quality brand. Digital intelligent manufacturing has become the source of power to promote the upgrading of quality brands. We should invest enough power to explore and promote the quality upgrading of digital intelligent manufacturing to promote brand upgrading.

Third, there is still a long way to go in the research and development of key technologies of power batteries

The power battery industry chain is long, involving energy, machinery, electrochemistry, equipment, materials and other fields. Today, no matter whether the power battery is lithium battery, hydrogen fuel cell, or lead-acid battery, there are still key performance indicators to be improved and key technologies to be tackled.

In fact, in the process of R&D, there will be various problems, and the complexity of technical research is not small. Therefore, there is still a long and tortuous road to go to break through key technologies.

The enterprise has a wide range of products, which are difficult to manufacture to the extreme. It can choose a few categories, concentrate its technological advantages and technological advantages, especially increase research and development costs, attach importance to high, precise and cutting-edge technologies, introduce R&D talents, and take various effective measures to fully tackle key technologies.

In particular, it is difficult for a single enterprise to solve some key problems, so it is necessary to study and explore the industry collaborative innovation development model, further strengthen the joint research and development of key technologies, materials and core components, play the role of each link of the industrial chain, overcome difficulties and solve common problems through innovative development model. At the same time, we will strengthen the formulation of relevant standards and the construction of complete testing capacity to promote the continuous improvement of the technical level of all links of the entire industrial chain. Power battery enterprises must master core technology or have their own intellectual property rights, and their products will undoubtedly be of high quality, high added value and high profits. Only by constantly upgrading the enterprise's technology iteratively can we develop products with high technology content, high quality, considerable output, reasonable pricing and considerable competitiveness in the industry.

It is hoped that today's summit will find more business opportunities and development space for enterprises in the power battery industry, and also hope that the power battery industry will develop well and quickly with the joint support of all aspects! Finally, I wish this summit a complete success. Thank you.


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