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Highlighting the quality responsibility of a big country, the selection of new energy vehicle research and selection list was officially launched

Publish Date: 2022.12.30

In response to the national development strategy of new energy vehicles, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Automotive Research Institute"), based on the just needs of industrial development and with long-term development goals in mind, launched the "big country quality" new energy vehicle project to help the high-quality development of China's new energy vehicle industry.

Build a big country brand with the power of example. On December 30, the "Big Power Quality - New Energy Vehicle Research and Selection List" was officially launched, led by China Automotive Research and co sponsored by China Communications Radio, Shell Finance, E-Car, Phoenix, Tencent Auto and other media.


Rooting in the authoritative index, gathering multiple forces to create a list of high-value industries

As the first new energy vehicle selection project in China based on the evaluation results of the automobile index, the research and selection list is prepared to be built by the multi-dimensional efforts of the China Automobile Research Institute with the service spirit of professionalism, focus and customer first. It is understood that the new energy vehicle research and selection list is based on the objective evaluation data of the index, the subjective test and evaluation of the industry experts' driving and riding, the core technology of the model products and other aspects, and combined with the research data carried out by many authoritative media for user needs, to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of new energy vehicles, and is committed to providing consumers with a "guide" for car selection and purchase that can be understood, trusted and used.


In order to ensure the authority and fairness of the review process, the review organization of the research and selection list is composed of the evaluation expert group from the industry organizations, evaluation organizations and authoritative media from the non complete vehicle manufacturers. The vehicle evaluation results will be determined by the expert review based on the comprehensive review of various vehicle model tests and research data.

The new energy vehicle research and selection list has set up three sub lists of annual research and selection models of "safety", "intelligence" and "health" respectively. Every year, new energy vehicles that meet the criteria related to the automobile index evaluation system can participate in the selection of the current year. In the list review, the models passing any single review condition of "safety", "intelligence" and "health" can be listed on the corresponding sub list of annual research models. At the same time, new energy vehicles with excellent performance in three dimensions can also be awarded the honorary title of "Annual Research Model of New Energy".


Grasping the key elements of quality and promoting the construction of "powerful automobile country" with high determination

At present, China's automobile industry has experienced various severe challenges and steadily promoted high-quality development of the industry. Among them, new energy vehicles have become the biggest highlight, showing a good trend of both market scale and development quality. Driven by the joint efforts of "electrification, networking, intelligence and service", China's automobile industry has deeply participated in global competition.

In order to build a powerful automobile country and fulfill the responsibility of the central enterprise, China Automotive Research Corporation has created the automobile industry brand IP of "Great Power Quality Project" to promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles with new ideas and actions. Among them, the "National Quality New Energy Vehicle Research and Selection List" will further promote the extensive development of new energy vehicles from market occupation to quality first development.

In the context of the "dual carbon" strategy, new energy vehicles are an important hand in the low-carbon transformation of the automotive industry. However, due to their "unfamiliarity" with new technologies, consumers are worried about the endurance, safety and intelligence of new energy vehicles. At the same time, the development of users' minds is not at the same level as the industry situation and technology level. The birth of the research and election list will help correct misconceptions, narrow the cognitive gap, and urge new energy vehicle enterprises to provide more high-quality products, so as to lead the trend of low-carbon consumption and help the steady implementation of the "dual carbon" strategy.


Quality drives brand, and brand determines pattern. China has the largest and most potential new energy vehicle consumer market in the world, and it is also a competitive place for global mainstream automobile brands. The selection activity of the new energy vehicle research and selection list will create an open and professional brand and product "touchstone", actively promote the construction of a healthy new energy vehicle consumption ecology, and thus bring a strong boost to the competitiveness of China's automobile industry, the promotion of brand value, and the move towards world-class.


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