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Guangzhou Auto Show, Wandering Alone

Publish Date: 2022.12.30

Time is a good medicine to cure all diseases. However, the late Guangzhou Auto Show wanted to cure the current Chinese car market that was stabbed by the epidemic.

How magical is China's car market in 2022?

At the beginning of the year, Shanghai was closed for more than two months, disrupting the development rhythm of the entire industry. The rising and falling voices have made almost everyone give a judgment. With the gray curtain over the car market coming down, the downward pressure of the economy and the spread of epidemic diseases in many places have seriously impacted the mainstream car consumption and the entire supply chain ecology at the same time.

In the middle of the year, under the new policy of halving the national purchase tax and the means implemented by the local government to promote automobile consumption, no matter how many grievances were shouted at the forced stop of the Chengdu Auto Show, the car market that should have been in trouble was rooted in the ground. There was a 180 degree turn in production and marketing, led by strong independent brands such as Bidi and Geely, and the market was "singing and dancing".


At the end of the year, the cold winter hit, and with too much uncertainty about the full liberalization of epidemic control, the car market just passed through a painful period and stepped into the mud again. Whether each company can achieve the set sales target is again put on a question mark.

Against this background, "new technology and new life" has still become the theme of this Guangzhou Auto Show, and all topics related to the restart of the industry will be picked up by the industry at this moment. But what I want to say is that the car market can spend this year with such ups and downs. A small number of surprises are full of people leaving behind. I believe that the opening of Guangzhou Auto Show will not change the slightly strange car market process in the past.

Its opening is just a preview for the Shanghai Auto Show next year, or for the market pattern that seems to be completely rewritten in 2023.

The past ended hurriedly and the future began quietly

At present, the increasingly prosperous new energy vehicle market has created an industrial siege, which makes all the participants feel the bitterness and helplessness of the delivery in the new and old times. The disturbance of Tesla, Weixiaoli and other emerging car companies not only makes the traditional car companies lose the technical shelter of the past decades, but also forces them to make new decisions by the most ferocious means.


Even if it is stronger than the mainstream such as North South Volkswagen and North South Toyota, the only enlightenment that such a sudden change in the industry background can bring is to complete the elephant turn with the fastest speed, and use existing resources to figure out the future development trend of the new energy industry.

On the eve of the opening of Guangzhou Auto Show, all the voices in the industry focused on such issues as "why the auto show must be held at this time". When the epidemic rapidly spread outward from Beijing, Baoding and other places, all enterprises are facing the unprepared situation caused by the restart of the auto show. How can I get enough preparation to go to Zhangluo Auto Show when there are not enough people?

Before arriving in Guangzhou, we also clearly knew that a large number of auto enterprises did not take part in the Guangzhou Auto Show in depth, which was the top priority of this year's closing battle.

However, according to the external research and judgment of the China Automobile Association, "the sales performance in November this year was lower than expected mainly because of the increasing downward pressure of the economy and the impact of the COVID-19 on the automotive consumer market, the release of consumer demand for cars was blocked, the performance of the terminal market was weak, and the supply side slowed down, bringing greater pressure to the stable operation of the automotive market."


Although the auto market is almost ending, the bitter reality reflected from the heart seems to be forcing Guangzhou Auto Show to do its best to add a decent background for the end of 2022 and the opening of 2023.

The organizing committee of the auto show also made it clear that the re holding of the Guangzhou auto show is to promote the smooth operation of the economy, boost industry confidence, stimulate consumption, and accelerate the resumption of production. Then, the auto enterprises that are allowed to enter the show can no longer afford to come up with good resolutions in this epidemic year. This is the end of the matter. Even if it is tough, there is no room for bargaining for car companies.

At this auto show, relying on the objective factors of the headquarter here, it is understandable that all the members of GAC Group went to the battle. Ai'an has brought a new medium-sized car model Hyper GT, GAC Trumpchi will bring the new SUV model A79 to the scene, GAC Mitsubishi will officially introduce the imported pickup L200 into the market, GAC Toyota will also officially release a new brand proposition to the public

In addition, the new generation of GLC of Mercedes Benz will take the stage, and a small number of cars such as Jidu will also appear in ROBO-01, Hechuang will enter the pure electric MPV market, and Yuanhang Automobile, a new high-end new energy vehicle brand under Dayun Group, will also bring a total of four new models of Y6 and Y7 luxury cars and H8 and H9 luxury SUVs to the stage again.


Of course, given that this auto show is held at such a hasty pace, it is obviously not enough to tell stories from a few auto companies if we want to strongly feel the exhilarating joy of the arrival of Guangzhou Auto Show.

In particular, last weekend, the hot momentum of NIO Day in 2022 was enough to make most of the auto industry rush to the meeting regardless of everything. On the other hand, if the real situation of Guangzhou Auto Show is nothing more than that, I believe that the expectations it brings, not to say nothing, will be greatly discounted under the background that the whole city has just emerged from the epidemic.

Perhaps in the center of the exhibition, BYD, which has spent the whole year in hot sales, will still hold up the flag of the exhibition and finally reap a wave of potential consumption power; New forces, including Wei Xiaoli, will attract passers-by again due to the proliferation of new products. In general, it is not easy to make up for the regret that Guangzhou Auto Show has left this year in Chengdu and Beijing at this moment.

China's power that cannot be concealed

Yes, the development and growth of China's automobile industry will be almost "crazy" by 2022. With the power of energy reform and transformation opportunities, traditional vehicle manufacturers, together with a series of Chinese companies such as technology, Internet and energy, have broken up the world order; When the development vane of the automobile market frequently flashes in China, every enterprise here has gradually accelerated the pace of self promotion


At the time of the delivery of new and old products, stopping progress in China will inevitably mean that China is out of touch with the world. If no one is willing to give up the broad prospects of the new world, and face the challenges and new life in the next stage, no matter who uses past experience to endorse or sell, the goal is only one, that is, to hope to reshape advantages before this change.

However, 2022 has passed away. In my opinion, China's car market, which has been intoxicated with the recovery and even always wants to continue to grow at a high level, is still unable to escape the aftereffects caused by repeated market tossing.

The China Automobile Association predicted that the total sales volume of China's automobile market would be 26.8 million in 2022, with a year-on-year growth of 2%. It seems that the expected results have been achieved. However, with the feedback from the market, "The halving of purchase tax this year has promoted the consumption policy to play a significant role in stabilizing the growth of the car market, but the epidemic in the second half of the year has affected the implementation effect of the policy. Compared with last year and the year before last, the production and sales of cars are slightly weak, and there is no tail end phenomenon at the end of previous years."

From Guangzhou Auto Show to Shanghai Auto Show next spring, I think the outside world urgently needs to find the trace of the car market's progress. Where are the answers hidden? Along the way, I believe that only the prosperity of Chinese auto enterprises can give hope to everyone.

As early as in the past November, the wholesale share and retail share of independent brands exceeded 50% at the same time, with a year-on-year growth of 7.1%; The wholesale share reached 55.2%, an increase of 8.4% over the same period last year. Moreover, the independent brand has gained significant growth in the new energy market and export market, and the transformation and upgrading of the head traditional car enterprises have performed extremely well.

All these signs are intended to show that an unprecedented deep adjustment will penetrate into the future with the Chinese car market in 2022 as the leading position. The rise of China's power no longer needs to look at the face of joint venture brands. Even the arrogant Japanese and German enterprises can't change all this since then.

Just like at this Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, under the hurried pace of the visitors, Geely, Great Wall, BYD, Chang'an and other Chinese enterprises have always occupied the core area of the exhibition hall. The traditional foreign brands forced to come here may only be able to search for potential customers around them.

Moreover, according to the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035), by 2025, the sales of new energy vehicles in China will account for 20% of the total sales of vehicles in that year. Through continuous efforts over the years, China's core technology of new energy vehicles will reach the international advanced level, and pure electric vehicles will become the mainstream of new sales vehicles.


It was also reported that the subsequent proposal and implementation of relevant policies will still provide a policy basis for the development of new energy vehicles in China in order to smooth the decline of subsidies.

The industrial thrust is so strong that the industry advantages are complete. Today, it may be difficult for Guangzhou Auto Show to find the buzz of the past years in the cold winter. In the face of the simple demand of "selling more cars", the following week will be spent in the "walk through" when the majority of consumers with a wait-and-see attitude have not recovered from the "Yangkang".

Looking far into 2023, or even beyond, we can see that the haze of the epidemic is being neutralized by the bleakness and bitterness of winter, and that the world full of hope and vision is recovering day by day. At last, Chinese automobile enterprises have endured a critical moment to rewrite the industrial evolution trajectory. The presence or absence of Guangzhou Auto Show will not change. With the development of new energy as the core driving force and the insight into the market as the sharp edge, Chinese auto enterprises are gradually showing a strong physique.


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