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Can driving keep you healthy? Skyworth Auto creates the third space of "car home health"

Publish Date: 2023.03.10

The market of new energy vehicles is unpredictable. Both business models and technological innovation must continue to change in order to maintain market competitiveness and vitality.


  On March 8, the 2023 Skyworth Spring Technology and Ecology Conference was held in Nanjing, with the theme of "Technology, Quality and Health". At the meeting, Skyworth demonstrated its thinking and technical layout in the fields of technological innovation, ingenious manufacturing and automobile health. It is reported that Skyworth Auto has carried out in-depth cooperation with strategic partners from the field of automotive intelligence, such as the National Innovation Center, Jingchen Semiconductor, China Aerospace Science and Technology Industry, Xiaowei Health, and Shenzhen Skyworth New World, to help Skyworth Auto's technology innovation in the field of automotive intelligence and health, and create high-quality travel.




  In the post-epidemic era, the concept of health has become increasingly popular, and the automobile industry has also paid more and more attention to the investment in the field of health, from the "new four modernizations" (electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing) to the "new five modernizations" (electrification, intelligence, networking, sharing, and health).




  On the basis of the "smart cabin", Skyworth has carried out in-depth research on the "healthy cabin", integrating the somatosensory sleep music, VAT somatosensory music therapy system, etc. into the intelligent cabin of the car, and promoting the continuous transformation of the car cabin from passive health to active health.




  Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth Group and Skyworth Auto


  Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth Group and Skyworth Auto, said: "Scientific and technological innovation has always been the direct driving force of the reform and opening up wave and the industrial leap, driving the healthy and healthy life of human beings to move forward. At present, Skyworth Auto has realized our" life intention "by continuously creating surprises for users through continuous research and development investment: first, upgrade China's manufacturing from home appliances to automobile manufacturing to cover the world; The second is to provide human beings with mobile space that is ten times more efficient; The third is to provide deep sleep and deep health care for car owners, so that every car owner can achieve a centenary life. "




  Wu Longba, president and co-founder of Skyworth


  Mr. Wu Longba, president and co-founder of Skyworth Auto, also said: "Skyworth Auto, through the '4390 quality strategy', has made great efforts in the 'invisible place' to create high-quality Skyworth cars, bringing users a safe driving experience of seeing, touching and driving."


  "4390 Quality Strategy" is a set of quality management system established by Skyworth Automobile, aiming to pass 4 certification systems, 9 quality management tools, and the whole vehicle test of a single vehicle model is not less than 3 million kilometers, to ensure product quality, and to achieve zero complaints for delivery.


  At present, Skyworth has continuously expanded its overseas market layout. In the past three years, its overseas business has covered 43 countries. In 2022, its overseas sales volume and sales amount will increase by 10 times, with the sales amount exceeding 1 billion.




  Liming, Vice President of the Group and Vice President of Skyworth Automobile Overseas Business Department




  CTO of Skyworth Group, Chairman of Shenzhen Skyworth - RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. and CEO of Kukai Technology Wang Zhiguo


  Wang Zhiguo, CTO of Skyworth Group, Chairman of Shenzhen Skyworth - RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. and CEO of Kukai Technology, said: "In the era of Internet of Things, cars have become the largest mobile terminal. Skyworth, based on the research and development of intelligent software and hardware of cars and Kukai system and its technical advantages, helps Skyworth's intelligent development of cars through project cooperation and ecological empowerment."




  Liu Qian, head of Skyworth Automotive Software R&D Center and CEO of Nanjing Kuwo Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd


  Liu Qian, head of Skyworth Automotive Software R&D Center and CEO of Nanjing Kuwo Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd., said: "The comprehensive and advanced Skylink 2.0 and SkyHealth2.0, the Skyworth health management system, make Skyworth Automotive faster, bigger, smarter and healthier, and will further improve the level of Skyworth Automotive's intelligent cockpit, becoming the first brand in the industry to carry out iterative upgrading in the field of intelligent health."




  Skyworth Intelligent Health Cabin


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