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Chery makes another effort! Two plug-in hybrid models were launched in March

Publish Date: 2023.03.14

A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that Chery Land Rover 7 PLUS plug-in hybrid version will be launched on March 17, while Land Rover 8 PRO plug-in hybrid version is expected to be officially launched on March 22.


  Let's take a look at these two new cars.


  Rheinland 7 PLUS plug-in hybrid version




  In terms of appearance, it adopts large size straight waterfall grille, double L-shaped LED daytime driving lights inside the light sets on both sides, and the front surround of the new car also adopts a more sharp style. The heat dissipation openings on both sides are closed, with built-in dot-matrix light sources. The body waist line runs through the front headlight to the tail lamp. The front and rear fenders are equipped with charging ports and fuel filler ports respectively. The vehicle logo is embedded in the through-type tail lamp group.


  奇瑞再发力!两款插混车型3月上市  奇瑞再发力!两款插混车型3月上市


  In terms of interior decoration, the layout of the center console is very simple. A large number of soft material covers and leather packages are used in the compartment. The atmosphere created by blue and white color matching is simple and elegant; The dual 12.3-inch LCD screens form a large integrated screen, and the gear lever bears the "Tiger Head" logo of the Swiss Tiger SUV.


  In terms of configuration, the car machine is built based on the Snapdragon 8155 chip, and has built in the Lion Smart Cloud Internet of Vehicles system, which supports voice recognition control, Internet of Vehicles, OTA upgrade, etc. The high-end models will also have HUD head up digital display, face recognition, 540-degree panoramic image (360-degree panoramic image and transparent chassis), Sony brand audio, etc.


  In terms of power, the Land Rover 7 PLUS new energy is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system composed of a 156-horsepower 1.5T engine+motor. The system has a comprehensive power of 240kW and a comprehensive torque of 510N · m.


  Rheinland 8 PRO plug-in hybrid version




  The appearance of the RH8 PRO plug-in hybrid version is similar to that of the RH8 basic version. A blue decoration is added at the bottom of the grille to symbolize the attributes of its new energy vehicle. The front face is equipped with a large size forward air grille and a dot-matrix middle mesh structure. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4745/1860/1747mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2710mm.




  In the rear, the new car is equipped with a roof spoiler, which adopts a through-type tail lamp design, and its interior lamp set adopts a linear design; The new car adopts a double-sided chrome-plated exhaust design, which is combined with the rear diffuser trim panel in the middle of the rear enclosure, which adds the vehicle's sense of movement.


  In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5L engine with a maximum power of 115kW. According to the data, it should be the model on the Land Rover 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+. The battery is the ternary lithium battery of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, and the fuel consumption of WLTC is 1.70L/100km.


  Under the trend of price reduction in the whole auto industry in March, Chery Tiger 7 Tiger 8 plug-in hybrid models were launched. Can we follow the trend of price reduction and put the market price in place? We will reveal the answers on March 17 and March 22.


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